What are some frugal ways to handle fleas with 4 dogs? It gets pretty expensive!

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      Hello everyone, I’m reaching out for advice on managing fleas while being mindful of my budget. With four dogs in the house, dealing with fleas can quickly become costly. I’m looking for frugal yet effective methods to keep these pesky parasites at bay without breaking the bank.

      If you have experience dealing with fleas and multiple dogs, I would greatly appreciate your insights and suggestions. Whether it’s homemade remedies, budget-friendly flea treatments, or natural solutions, I’m open to exploring all options.

      Please share any tips, tricks, or DIY strategies that have worked well for you in the past. Your input could help me and others in similar situations find affordable and practical solutions to this common pet-related issue.

      Thank you for your assistance and valuable advice!

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        Brush them twice a month with coconut oil and they’ll stay away. Fleas don’t like the smell and if they do get on them they won’t live long. Tried every product to get rid of them with 2 cats… Coconut oil was my saving grace and I’m pretty upset I tried a billion chemicals before I learned……

        PS: I’m turning off notifications because I’m tired of all the dings lol either it will work if you try or not and I’ve never had oil issues transferring anywhere after the fact.

        100% if not for coconut oil, I don’t think I could have gotten rid of my issue.

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          I use diatomaceous earth & Pet Armor.

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            Chewy often has sales on flea and heartworm, prevention is the cheapest way to handle fleas, ticks and heartworm.

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              Dawn dish soap and preventative measures. I bathe my dog weekly with Curaseb which has chlorohexidine 4% which helps with their skin and coat health.

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                If your dogs actively have fleas, I honestly think this is one time that trying to be frugal about it will probably just make it a lot worse. Call the vet, buy whatever the vet recommends for them, and nip it in the bud ASAP.

                My rescue pup was in a foster home before she came home with us. And before that, she was with a woman who just wasn’t capable of taking care of her anymore–or maybe she just didn’t care to, I don’t know. She had fleas so, so bad for a long time and it somehow turned into, or was related to, a fungal ear infection that she had for like 2-3 years. Even once we got her, we couldn’t get rid of it for like a year or more.

                I’m sorry, I’m not trying to scare you, or insinuate that you are neglecting your dogs in any way.

                I’m just giving my input that time is of the essence with this, and that you do NOT want to go for the cheaper products in this situation just to save a little bit because it will not be worth it.

                Don’t miss: What does everyone use for flea and tick protection for your animals?

                Good luck!

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                  Seresto collars are unbeatable! But from a pet store or Walmart, though. Lots of fakes on Amazon and other online stores.

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                    I have 3 dogs 1 is 50lbs the other 2 are 25lbs – I buy the Frontline for 100lb dogs and carefully split the dose between them!

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                      Peppermint in their bedding ..tea tree oil on their collar or bandana. Baking sodaPowder spinkled. In bedding n on coat n brushed thru might help relatively benign to them but supposedly the chrystaline characteristics of the powders will damage the flea.

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                        I use wondercide, spray it on consistently daily or every other day to prevent them. It’s a little pricey per bottle but lasts a long time and can use on all. Plus it’s nontoxic!

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                          I have two small dogs.

                          I purchased one seresto flea collar and two secureaway dog flea collar protectors. Then I cut the flea collar in half and place each half in the collars. They really do last 8-9 months!

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                            just treat them & be rid of them otherwise they’ll be lingering around & will cost more to get rid of as they never really go away if you’re being frugal and not doing the proper treatment.

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                              I’m going to get a lot of hate for this … ex veterinary technician of 8 years here… PLEASE for the love of god be careful with these home remedies I have seen animals come in extremely ill from some of these suggestions…. Then it’ll cost you way more to fix the issue. Unfortunately owning animals have expenses. I would talk to your vet about affordable options. Many have online pharmacies that have deals.

                              Also… be careful where you buy, counterfeit items are a huge issue lately.

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                                Short grass. Diamastacous earth in the yard. I also mix the food grade in their kibble.

                                I also get a flea pill from the vet. It’s the only thing that works. Nexgard.

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                                  I do all holistic remedies for my pups. Wondercide has a great product for pups and cats that is not harmful for them. Also putting some amount of apple cider vinegar in there food will help prevent fleas and ticks.

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                                    Flea dip. You can use the same solution mix for all four dogs. I would highly recommend Adams Flea dip. You can also spray your yard for pests as well.

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                                      I worked at an animal hospital for years. The best is the seresto collars. Make sure you get them from you Vet though. They are know to be counterfeit from Amazon and other online places. They run about 70 bucks a pop but it lasts for 8-9 months. Where the drops are more expensive and are more expensive.

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                                        Bravecto, you can just choose one or two dogs that arethe worst with fleas and give it to them.

                                        It will drastically cut the numbers even if you aren’t able afford all four dogs. And it’s not really recommended but if you have smaller dogs you might think about buying one for a larger dog and portioning it out.

                                        Have you seen: For chemical free flea removal. Taught to me by my 90 year old Father

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                                          Pet Armor from Chewy.. $39.99 I believe for any size dog (different weights of course but the cost is the same). Interceptor for Heartworm. I’ve seen some negative posts about Interceptor but my dogs have taken it for years.

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