Military family with maxed-out cards needs advice on the best personal loan option for ongoing legal fees

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      My husband and I started our FI journey at the beginning of this year, we made huge changes and cut our family of 6 spending in an extremely high cost of living area from our combined paychecks ($5120) to $1200! We’ve been chipping away at debt and putting money away, it was wonderful.

      Unfortunately since then we’ve had to pay lawyer fees, replace all four tires on our vehicle, purchase flights that were supposed to be refunded. I will not get into the nature of the lawyer fees, it is civil and we are the plaintiffs.

      Now for the question, since our lawyer fees have amounted to nearly $7000 constantly, we’ve (along with many sidle hustles) drained our savings, maxed cards out again. Our spending didn’t change, in fact we cut even more. With our credit so close to high 600’s we’ve now lost a lot of the headway due to cards being maxed and late payments. We need some help determining the best course of action in terms of loans, personal loans of course. We bank with navy federal and Bank of America, we are military but AER will not help with legal fees.

      Please know I am not asking for suggestions as a first resort, we Uber, Turo, I bake, I also receive VA disability. We are doing everything we can, and we can not lose our lawyer.

      We also know it’s tough times for everyone so please don’t think I find us to be a spectacular case, I just know that within this community someone has the advice, suggestion, or wisdom to get us going in the right direction. Maybe there are loan option we don’t know of (we didn’t think we’d need one aside from a mortgage in the future).

      If you stuck through this sob story, thank you. Our FI journey may take longer and have some serious meandering but we’re tough, and can take any criticism or suggestions you have.

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        I don’t have any suggestions, I’m commenting to bump your post. I hope everything works out for you and your family!

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          I would concentrate on staying current & not adding any debt. It’s hard to give more specific advice without knowing the specifics of your situation. My husband & I are over halfway through our debt payoff & that is the commitment we made to ourselves in order to continue moving forward.

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            If you see light at the end of the tunnel, maybe a personal loan at NFCU to consolidate debt & pay off higher-interest loans like card. I got a 9% loan at NFCU, no collateral, but then my credit is 800-something.

            If you don’t see light at the end of the tunnel, that won’t help cuz you will just run up more high-interest debt.

            Any parents or family members who can spot you a “bridge loan”? Preferably zero percent, but even if they charge like 6% that still a pretty good deal. You must absolutely make good on the loan one day, and open up to them about what’s going on, if you haven’t already.

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              If it’s a civil case and you are the plaintiff then you are the one in control of this litigation. $7000 is (unfortunately) a drop in the bucket of what legal fees could be if your case has to go to trial. Can you settle this case asap to stop the stream of payments to your lawyer?

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                You can transfer your credit card balance to a new card with a 0% interest rate for 12-18 months that would help cut costs. Maybe you can donate plasma, sometimes they have really good deals. There’s a way to get a reduced loan through NMCRS I know it’s an option of active duty maybe it would work for your veteran status.

                I’m going to look it up and update my comment.
                What I was thinking is only applicable to active duty navy and marines.

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                  If I am making a purchase that I know I won’t pay off in a month I call my credit card and ask for 0% for a year. Discover has given it to me every time I have asked. I asked my visa once and they said no but then sent me a letter saying yes after the fact.

                  That was I have a year to pay off without interest.

                  I also was managing my godmothers finances for a while and they were bad, but I called and asked if they could give her 0% going forward for the year and they did. It never hurts to ask for future spending that you may have.

                  Good luck

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                    I want to say I’m proud of you for your honest. Your grit. Your determination.

                    You are going to make it and look back on this as the moment you turned the corner. The times that changed your life.

                    You are winners!!!!

                    You can – and I’m positive – WILL do this!

                    No advice. Just encouragement and belief in you.

                    A bad chapter of your book, but God’s not finished with you yet. Just think of the story you will tell to encourage others in your situation! They won’t relate to these folks with 5M in accounts. But they will to you!

                    Stay strong.

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                      Have you reached out to your county VA rep. There may be some assistance there that you are not aware of and they may know what resources are available thru the VA.

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                        Lots of good advice here already covered but what is your disability rating? Could it go higher? My husband is also a veteran and just signed on with a company that helps you maximize your disability rating by ensuring that you’re getting everything you are owed. They take equivalent of the additional % they are able to secure you once it’s approved and issued but it’s nothing out of pocket.

                        It’s not an instant cash increase but if your owed it you should be receiving it!

                        If you want the name of the company just pm me and I will ask him who he is using.

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                          I know when you’re in the middle of something costly it seems likes it’ll go on forever. Remind yourself that it won’t. Your case will end eventually – the legal fees will come to a stop. They’re not a forever line item.

                          I know that doesn’t help now when someone is trying to drag things out or drain your pockets, but it saved me during a 10 year divorce battle while I lived hand-to-mouth trying to put food on the table for 3 kids. I woke every day and thought, “Just hang in there. Take it one day at a time.

                          Even the longest divorce in the world comes to an end.” Even the longest court case comes to an end too.

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