Prune Juice: A Cost-Effective Solution for Constipation

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      Save money buying laxatives and medicine for constipation. Husband had knee replacement surgery. They gave him medicine that constipated him. They told him to buy a drug over the counter for constipation. It didn’t work. I went to store and purchased prune juice. Made him drink an entire glass. Cured him in a heartbeat.

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        That’s good!

        My poor brother had knee replacement and cld not have a bowel movement for 3 days from medication.

        Went to ER.

        They intubated him to control high blood pressure and he never came out.

        They kept him alive w breathing tube, nutrition etc… no brain activity.

        So prepared end of life.

        He passed after everything was disconnected.

        So sad!

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          Smooth Move tea is also very good.

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            They shouldn’t have told you to take a laxative in the first place. They’re supposed to prescribe a stool softener bc laxatives have unwanted ingredients and stimulants.

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              A nurse gave me a tip when my husband had pancreatic cancer (pain pills bind you like quick set cement). 1/2 cup prune juice mixed with 1/2 warm strong coffee. 30 minutes later…it’s not Starbucks, but it’ll do the trick. One thing is more important- instead of using all these laxatives, I wish doctors would tell their patients about taking magnesium (I love magnesium citrate way more than magnesium oxide) in order to stay regular. Our bodies need the magnesium for that and for so many more things.

              Please google health benefits of magnesium and the difference in types of magnesium and what benefits each one has.

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                My husband had surgery for awful hemorrhoids several years ago. He was told to use Metamucil every day.

                I bought some nice soft prunes for myself, and he hasn’t had to use the Metamucil much at all.

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                  My mom was paralyzed since she was 21, lived to be almost 88. She had been educated as an RN. She birthed children even with her disability. She swore by prune juice all her life to help her guts function correctly. (well, she really never “swore” ) lol

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                    I would start with warm prunes juice and work from there give the remedy some time to work drink lots of water I see a lot of things here but remember what works for one person may not work for others I have chronic constipation and have tried most of these.

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