Raise money for low-cost wedding for son & daughter-in-law?

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      We are trying to plan a wedding for our son and daughter-in-law. They’ve been together for 4 years and have a beautiful 11 month old baby and they all live with us, it’s such a blessing, but we want to make this wedding possible.

      We already have the venue which is one of the cheaper venues we found, but still fulfil her dream which is something that is so important to me. We have family that are going to cater and DJ so that’s not an issue, but we are already low income, do you guys have any ideas of how to raise money to make this beautiful brides dream come true?

      We’ve already scaled down from her dream wedding to something that still beautiful at a much lower cost, no we’re not changing venues I’m just looking on how we can raise the money.

      I have been looking for a stay at home job for a very long time as I am blind and I live in a small town with no public transportation, but I have my bachelor degree, thank you all.

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        They should pay for their own wedding? I didn’t expect my parents to pay for mine.

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          From a frugal standpoint, maybe they should consider using the money for a down payment on a house since they already have a baby and are living with you. You are already helping by letting them live with you.

          The priorities of life are food and shelter before parties. They will be just as married with a small wedding it the courthouse and a potluck afterwards.

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            Are you completely blind as in can’t see at all, or legally blind so sight is difficult (can’t drive) but able to see some things? At home jobs typically require sight for computer software like data entry, sewing, etc. If you can see a little are you able to cook/provide meals/make desserts for friends/neighbors? Are you able to safely pet sit in your home? I know of someone recently looking for help with laundry… are you able to wash/dry/iron for someone if they can drop off/pick up?

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              When you say raise the money- do you mean to pay for the venue? Since you have the food and music covered that is a big part.

              Please give us a better idea of what exactly you still need so we can offer better suggestions. Congratulations to your family.

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                Having a shower can help. Always awkward to ask for money ahead of the wedding.

                But when I planned my wedding I found some great low cost options. Always shop around and don’t be afraid of DYI. For example I wanted real flowers. I got mine at Costco and got way too many. But grocery stores are cheaper. For table decorations I kept it simple. I had to travel back to my home state so something that fit in a vehicle.

                Maybe it’s just me but I don’t remember the decorations as much as the experiences and people who attended.

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                  Can you go to your local buy nothing group?

                  I constantly see people requesting vases, signs, easels, etc. for weddings. There’s a lot of people out there that have items that they can land or give to you.

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                    Do you bake? Bake sale? Any hobby’s you can exchange for cash? Sewing? Crafting? Housecleaning for neighbors?

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                      If you want to help your children then I think that’s great. I sell on marketplace. Clothes we don’t need anymore, Especially things the kids grow out of. It’s a good way to make some money. Having a yard sale or selling plasma is also some ways. We did our wedding on about 5k. I had a friend who baked our cake and cupcakes as our gift. A friend was a JP and she married us as our gift and a friend who was a photographer just starting out and also did it was a gift. Maybe some of those things would be options?

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                        Amber and Tonya have great suggestions. Check your local but nothing Facebook group, post the items you are searching for and make the decorations. Do as much DYI as possible. Also, download The Knot app and utilize the option to have people give money gifts, they will likely get money rolling in right away that they can use for the wedding.

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                          My son’s wedding was a family affair type thing. Everyone chipped in. I bought and cooked the food for the reception and limousine rental plus bits here and there. I made the groom’s cake. My brother paid for the wedding cake, some of the food and cooked the brisket. She bought her dress, less than $200. Sons tuxedo was rented.

                          My godmother bought her veil. It was a beautiful service and reception and no one was left in debt.

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