“Shop your pantry first!”– I thought I was doing great

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      Going through a very tough period without income for just a little bit longer, so needing to stick to the budget are key right now!

      Figuring out the grocery list for this upcoming week and am definitely feeling the strain sticking to the number when I remembered the constant reminder on here…”shop your pantry first!”.

      I thought I was doing great but realized that I was putting things on the list out of routine and fear of running out.

      When I really sat down and looked it over, there were so many things I overlooked and was planning to buy things I truly didn’t need due to already having it! Such a simple thing that I really didn’t think applied to me, but helped me get through possibly 2 weeks with less spending instead of one!

      Better yet, room for snacks, so hubby sticks to the list!

      Thanks guys!

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        It’s a learning process, you are doing great.

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          Frugal Fit Mom on YouTube has a ton of videos on stretching your food budget. Also videos on living on a tight budget.

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            I learnt this during our initial severe lockdown. I had enough in the pantry to eat for several weeks. Some odd combinations for sure, but all filled the tummy.

            You can check also: Why have I become shopaholic?

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              Another good piece of advice I got from this group about grocery shopping was to take a quick picture of the pantry before heading to the store. I can make the picture bigger to see some of the things in the back and this tip has saved me a lot of $

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                I think 99 percent of Americans can say the same thing about buying what they already have on hand.

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                  When you can afford to shop for groceries, you find that you are now out of Everything. Salt, potatoes, pasta, rice, chili powder, baking soda, all the things that are always in your pantry. $200-$300, and bought no entrees. Now you’re broke again.

                  It’s a vicious cycle.

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                    Thanks for sharing your progress.

                    Still surprises me that few people get this type of education from parents, grandparents, schools. It is so important for basic security, seems teaching us earlier would have a higher priority. Don’t get discouraged you are developing frugal behaviors, growth!

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