Teaching personality/aptitude tests for HS career discovery. Recommendations?

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      Hello, I am going to be teaching a co-op of homeschooled high schoolers a course in personality tests and career discovery. Does anyone recommend any personality tests or aptitude tests?

      Please give me some great ideas and resources reflecting back on your own lives. Advice you would give a young person to find themselves.

      In my own life,  I have pivoted so many times and I guess that is the new normal but I wanted to hear what other adults with careers have to say.

      I would really like what entrepreneurs have to say too!

      I want to give an overview of different industries and ask them what they think they would like to do or just as importantly NOT do.

      Because we cannot research every job ever I want to give them tools to really consider what they want to do and figure out how to research the markets for themselves.

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        Grab the book Launch by Jeannie Burlowski- she recommends 3 different tests at age 15 to help students great careers they would love that the market will pay for- my kids aren’t 15 years yet so I can’t remember them all but know strength finders 2.0 is one of them- tons of tips in this book to get kids through college debt free and into jobs they love- I’ve bought this book for myself and 2 friends already it’s awesome.

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          16Personalities was great for me about 7 years ago when I was trying to find my next move (professionally & personally). I’m an ENFJ and it made a ton of sense when I realized that lol. It helped give me an idea on what type of worker/employee I am, so that also helped me beef up my resume & cover letters.

          My professional background is all over – started in retail, consumer finance, legal, tech, FinTech. My degree is in Criminal Justice with an associate’s in Paralegal Studies. Other than my year stint as a paralegal (which was incredibly easy), I’ve never used my degree in the field it’s covering. Knowing what I know about college? I would have never taken as long as I did (8 years for a 4 yr degree) because now I’m 50k in debt. Trade school is where it’s at IMO.

          My 3 takeaways:
          – Don’t be afraid to work a job that you’re not specializing/have a degree in
          – Regardless of where you work, keep 3 hobbies: one that incorporates movement of some sort (doesn’t have to be exercise), one that can potentially make you side $$$, and a strictly CREATIVE hobby. If you’re lucky, a good hobby may cover all three of those things.
          – Treat your savings account as a bill that you pay first along with the primaries (car, rent, etc). Even if it’s $50, delegate that to yourself as a “requirement” now so you can have the privilege of it later.

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            The big 5 is the most validated personality test I know of and can be taken for free online. Via character strengths is free and a good angle on this kind of question. CliftonStrengths was helpful to me in the workplace (not free though)

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              NGPF career sections of their curriculum would have some good lessons.

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