Travel agents: What are the best ways to get started to become one?

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      I feel like every industry usually has a few big players – are there companies for first-time agents to start & learn?

      Context: my mom is a cosmetologist and wants to retire from that due to the physical nature of that work. She still needs to work, though, and I thought being a travel agent might be good for her as travelling is a passion. Looking for resoruces (training, company names, etc) that I can pass along to her. Thanks!

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        It’s not an easy one to break into. You get back what you put in but takes time. I do it very part time.

        However, I have a team leader for you if you want to start with cruising. You can use their TA big company to get your own commission and book to start off – if you sell enough you get your own IATA card. They do have other stuff you can book too.

        Do you have an area you want to specialize in?

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          Commenting so I get future notifications. I have no idea but I’ve always wondered this!

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            That’s a tough industry to get due to the autonomy that customers have and now with AI, it makes it even more competitive to stay in the industry and be profitable.

            I do know of someone who is a Disney travel agent, and she does okay. I don’t know the details on how she started.

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              Travel agents work hard. One mistake many make sign up with a mlm organization. Then you just turn into a recruiter for your down line with zero training. I have been in this business part time for almost 7 years and have worked my rear off to get and maintain clients.

              You only get paid when they book and then fully pay for the trip. People use you to ‘pick your brain’ then book the travel themselves at places like Costco.

              I now charge a planning fee to some people because my first contact them them gives me that vibe.

              It’s stressful because anymore when something out of my control goes wrong they want to chargeback their trip and that comes back on me.

              I love my job, but it’s hard work. You do not travel ever for free. And unless you work for an agency like AAA or as a phone support person, no salary. You only make what you can find.

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