Was it worth it to switch to ATT fiber internet?

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      I currently have the ATT “regular internet” and am honestly happy with it. What made you switch? I’m debating…

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        Assuming you’re currently on a 300Mbps plan, then unless you’re streaming several 4k movies all at once, you probably won’t notice much of a difference. Your average website might load in less than a second, compared to a few seconds, at most…

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          Yes! So fast and only $65 a month. No regrets.

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            AT&T techs came out and installed fiber optic in my husband’s office almost two weeks ago. Nothing has worked since. Daily calls to tech support give us a different answer each day. Very frustrating.

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              Faster, cheaper, and not from the worst company in the world.

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                100%! Faster and more stable than our old Spectrum. And cheaper to boot in our area at least.

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                  What is the latency difference? I switched from Comcast cable to fiber a year ago and latency went down to a very consistent low single digit milliseconds so it was a very noticeable improvement.

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                    AT&T customer service has been horrible. So I dumped their service for Verizon 5G home Internet. No difference that I can tell (this summer will be a test at times if 7 of us are all streaming while I WFH).

                    I know many don’t like Verizon but we’re paying $30/line for 5G plus military and autopay discounts.

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                      If there’s at least one competitor in your area, compare offers and reduce your bill for current service.

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