What do you plan to do for health insurance in the US before you get to Medicare?

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      By the way.. I am a US citizen but have been working in Canada for the past 7 years. Company is renting our housing for us. Healthcare is “free” here but the cost of housing is way high. So if we retire and want to stay here for a while we would have to move somewhere away from big cities to get reasonable housing.

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      Chad F.

        Employer covers 100% of healthcare in retirement…

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        Aaron K.

          I own AKP Health Insurance. I am constantly amazed at how many people are not using the subsidy dollars that they are entitled to on the exchange.

          Also, there is misinformation about who qualifies. A couple of 60 year olds, making over $150,000 a year can still benefit from the ACA.

          For those who’s AGI is high there are private underwritten plans that can fill the void until Medicare.

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            ACA works beautifully. I’m 57 and am in my 5th year of it. With PTC subsidies we have never paid more than $350/mo for me and my wife. Best coverage we’ve had as a married couple. Without subsidies, it is indeed a crippling cost. Subsidies are possible due to keeping income low; they aren’t based on net worth, only income.

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              ACA is what most people are going to end up using. It might be expensive if you don’t qualify for subsidies but it’s doable.

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                An asset for every expense.

                I have a “vehicle duplex”, “food and entertainment triplex”, “vodka fourplex”, “healthcare duplex” “travel (house hack) duplex” etc.

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                  Planning to buy health insurance coverage via ACA (Obamacare).

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                    We are early retired and using the ACA at a shockingly low cost. If you have control over what you show as “income” then you may be able to get it at a very good cost.

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                      Get raped by health insurance providers. I am basically going to work part time for cash just enough to pay for my healthcare premium between 60-65. Then full retire mode.

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