What is the reasonable price for gum disease treatment for 8-9 teeth?

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      Hello, I recently had a consultation for gum disease treatment at a Periodontics office and the estimate is 16.8k for 8-9 teeth. They were also willing to apply another 10% discount and my insurance only covers $1500. I thought it was still pricy and would continue to explore other options.

      Has anyone done gum disease treatment and know the reasonable price for it? I’m trying to save as much as I can and would greatly appreciate any advice. Right now, I am not in pain at all.

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        What do you need done?

        Treatment is anything from scaling to gum grafts – which vary greatly in price.

        I have found dental work to be very expensive in general. Get a second opinion for treatment options.

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          This was recommended to me years ago, I haven’t done it yet. Get a second opinion and have your regular dentist monitor recession.

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            Unfortunately, that’s the price for a reputable place. I put it off as long as I could also but well worth it to keep your teeth! The recovery is fun too.

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              It is expensive..

              I would agree with medical tourism. But if you need follow-up care. No one will touch you.

              My sister had this 20 years ago. Once she had it done. Her out-of-pocket was half of what you are being quoted. She got a lot done. Grafts and stuff. She not had any issues since. (she inherited from our parents).

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                I would never do a gum graft again- painful and didn’t work. I was told I could’ve just had them do a “filling” on the exposed root instead and that would’ve been a lot less expensive and less painful and would’ve been successful.

                Good luck

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                  Your post is too vague to give good advice. Go see another periodontist for an opinion. Then you will be able to make an educated decision.

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                    I did grafts a few times. Never again. Very expensive, painful with very minimal result if any. Water pick helps me maintaining gums in a decent shape until I find better treatmen option.

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                      I’m a dental hygienist.

                      It’s hard to know exactly what was needed so it’s tough to make a judgement on the price. However, recently I went to an incredible training explaining that as a whole dentists/hygienists have not been treating periodontal disease aggressive enough and in many situations the bacteria itself remains present in the mouth after treatment. Perio is a serious condition and the bacteria present in your mouth can affect many other organs including your brain, heart, liver, etc… there have even been a few cases recently in the news where it was the cause of death.

                      I would take it seriously and not choose treatment solely based on cost but rather which practice actually treats it aggressively.

                      Due to there being a wide variation in how offices treat it you will definitely find huge variations in price.

                      It really can affect your overall health so definitely take some time researching and ask lots of questions!

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