What’s my best tablet love match?

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      I’m looking for a tablet that I can do budgeting, grocery shopping, and “family management” tasks on. It would probably also be used for reading with the Kindle app. What’s my best tablet love match?

      I see a lot of people in this forum using iPads?

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        I think it depends on what your device brand is. If you’re an apple person, get an iPad. If you’re a Samsung person, get a galaxy tab.

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          I don’t think it would help with budgeting but I keep seeing things about the skylight calendar and I want that thing so bad! It’s a digital family calendar thing.

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            An iPad was way too expensive for me to seldom use, so I got a Samsung tab. It does everything I needed for about 170. I added a $30 Bluetooth keyboard to make excel easier.

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              It really all depends on your budget. My husband got a new iPad for his business so I took his old iPad 6 because I wanted Goodnotes to use my TBM pdf with. I am on a learning curve because I prefer Samsung over Apple but Goodnotes is only on Apple unfortunately.

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                I have the most basic of iPads and it works great. I really wanted to use goodnotes for my digital bbp and it’s only available on apple.

                For grocery shopping/meal planning etc I use the Paprika app. It syncs with my phone, so I always have my list on me.

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                Mary F

                  I don’t use kindle so I’m not sure about that part but for budgeting and meal planning, regular planning like schedules appointments ect. I use the onn. Pro tablet from Walmart. Its pretty cheap compared to other options!

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                    I do all my budgeting on paper so I can’t answer that part but I do read a ton and prefer my kindle paperwhite to reading on any other device.

                    It’s easier on the eyes, easier to take with my when I leave the house, and battery lasts longer.

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