What’s the cheapest way to send flowers?

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      Seeking advice: What’s the most budget-friendly method for sending flowers? Whether it’s for Mother’s Day, a birthday, or just to brighten someone’s day, I’m looking for affordable options to send flowers. I’ve noticed that many flower delivery services come with hidden fees, so I’m hoping to find recommendations that won’t break the bank. Whether it’s local florists, online retailers, or DIY arrangements, I’m open to any suggestions that offer quality blooms without costing a fortune.

      Thank you in advance for your help!

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        Grow them yourself. Pick them. Deliver in person.

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          Call a florist that is in the neighbourhood (or close by) of the person you are sending to.

          I used to work for a florist, those “call a florist” type numbers and websites charge a fee.

          Also, if you only want to spend a certain amount, tell them. They can work with you.

          Proposed: Here is a hack for anyone who has flowers delivered!

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            I got someone I know in the area to go to Costco and get flowers and I paid them to deliver them, and I still saved a bunch.

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              Call a florist local to the person directly and give them a price range. Some may even deliver free within so many miles (or at least, that is the case in my area).

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                Instacart or order delivery directly from the grocery store. For example it’s always cheaper for me when I order groceries from HEB website.

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                  Skip places like 1800 flowers, they just give your order to a local florist. Eliminating the middle man will save $$. Tell the florist your budget, they will work with it.

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                    Don’t use 1800 flowers. My grandma was in the hospital and the flowers never got there and she passed away. I was very upset. I had even paid extra for an expedited delivery.

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                      Call a florist in the city where the flowers will be delivered.

                      I always did this for my mom in another country.

                      I was also more confident that she would get the bouquet I wanted sent.

                      My son always asks me to send a photo of the flowers he has sent to me. If they aren’t what he ordered and paid for he makes them resend or money refunded.

                      Useful: I’m thinking ahead for Mother’s Day and would like to know where I’d the cheapest place to buy flowers?

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                        So, what I did is my mother-in-law lives within delivery distance of Sam’s Club I ordered from there and had it delivered. She said they were some of the prettiest flowers she had ever gotten! The delivery was $8 and the flowers were $15

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                          I locate flower shops in the same town you are sending to. I ask them about prices and what I’m looking for. I order from them (online or on phone) and pay much less in delivery charges!

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                            Google the phone number of a flower shop that is in the town of the person you’re sending the flowers to. That way it’s a local delivery and it doesn’t have to go through places like teleflora. I delivered for a flower shop a few times when they were real busy and I learned that those places like teleflora charge the flower shops a fee. That fee is passed on to the customer that’s ordering the flowers.

                            So, call the place yourself in the town of the person that you want the flowers delivered to.

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                              I got the Celebrations Passport for $19.99/yr which allows free shipping thru 1800 flowers and other companies on their website.

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