What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done in an effort to save money?

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      ME: I grow my favorite fresh herbs and tomato varieties in Home Dept buckets because I have no current garden area. Not that strange, I guess, but it’s the weirdest I’ve gotten.

      AND YOU?

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        I reuse containers such as the butter and or sour cream along with take out containers instead of throwing them out and purchasing new storage containers.

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          Wherever me and my daughter go anywhere. I always take lunch, water, and snacks. I am not embarrassed at all. I don’t believe in spending money on food outside.

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            I water my outdoor plants with the water my dehumidifier gets out of my basement. A bucket a day is what it produces in the summer months. Better than dumping it in the drain.

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              Got my work wardrobe for my first real teaching job from a dumpster.

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                Walked 4 miles along both sides of a busy highway picking up aluminum cans back in the 80s to be able to get recycle money to buy my dog food!

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                  When I was in middle school my science teacher said that at his house they unplug everything when they’re not using it. T.v, radio, lamp, coffee pot etc… Electricity is going through even when not being used. So unplug when not being used to save on your electric bill.

                  Also, I had a friend that would volunteer at a food kitchen serving the homeless. He and his family would all go to help. They got to eat like everyone else, for free. I think they did this a few times a month.

                  I also remember hearing one person talk about how they’d save. They would go one week a month without spending any money. They would eat the food they had in their house. No grocery stores. No eating out. Not clothes, toys, entertainment. They saved a ton doing it. Also, something I do is use grocery bags as garbage bags. my kitchen bag gets taken out a couple times a day but it doesn’t bother me. My house never smells from garbage. I cant tell you the last time I bought garbage bags at the store.

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                    When the ex left with all the $, kids and I ate pancakes for a week (waiting for my paycheck!).

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                      Eating pasta or cereal instead of a balanced meal is not recommended. You will save money now but your health could suffer later.

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                        I boil up my fast boil kettle once in the morning and fill up my thermos and make a cup of coffee.

                        Then I’ve got hot water for cups of tea during the day.

                        It saves boiling the kettle every time I want a cuppa and saves electricity.

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                          When I was first living away from home, I ate pancake mix, mixed with water. I had no money for food, now I have osteoporosis, so wished I could redo those years. Don’t scrimp on healthy food, you will regret it later.

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                            I save 5 dollar bills. I put them away every time I get one. I use them when ever I go on a trip. They add up fast!

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                              Packed a lunch for 50 years and not ate out. Refill a Gatorade bottle with koolaid

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                                Cut the end off the toothpaste tube – there’s at least a weeks worth left in there .

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