401k– How do I protect it?

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      I have a question. My wife and I retiring next year at 57, most of our funds will be coming from 401k, How do I protect it in case one of us gets sick?

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        I’m not sure how to protect a 401k to be honest I would suggest if you can work even part time till your 65 that’ll open a lot more up and a lot more time up for you to build your 401k even more. Maybe move it to an IRA? I haven’t got to that part of my licensing yet. If at all possible don’t draw social security till your 70 you’ll get a lot more benifits.

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          Get LTC insurance for long term care. But Dave says to wait until 60. Part of the plan to pay for nursing homes if needed. Not by hiding it from Govt.

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            Do you have a bridge account? If not you can’t and will get hit with penalties (10%) and if not Roth taxes.

            Otherwise you will also want insurance because that is what protects you. Specifically health and when you turn 60 long term care.

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