How much should I invest at age 50?

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      If you were in your mid 50’s had 140k sitting in cash with all debts paid off, how would you invest it as far as timing, funds, amounts?


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        I’d never recommend being all cash in any retirement account. At a minimum a high money market, but ideally 50 year old might be 50/50 stock/bonds or 80/20 if you’re not too risk averse. Being in cash since January would have cost you almost 20% growth to date.

        I’d focus more on “time IN the market” not “timing the market”.

        This is also the main reason folks like Vanguard recommend hiring an advisor.

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          Need more info. I’m 49 with $150k in CDs, I-bonds and a HYSA. They averaged 6-7% last year and are currently around 4.5-5%. This is our safe “bridge money” so we’re happy with our “cash” earning 5% with zero risk for the funds we need to weather 2-3 years of market downturns. However, we also have $1.9M in other stocks/investments.

          The $150k cash means nothing unless we know if this is all you have for retirement or if it’s just some spare change or emergency fund money lying around.

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            Depends on what your goals are, this is too general a question without specifics.

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              I’d retain 50% cash reserve to deploy in case of housing or stock crash while earning 5% in Vanguard’s Federal Money Market Fund (VFMXX).

              The other 50% would be equally dollar cost averaged into S&P 500, Realty Income REIT (O), Bitcoin, Fundrise, and Gold (or some combination of precious metals). Once that second 50% is all invested, I’d begin to do the same with the reserve 50%.

              You can check also: Hoping for just a little reassurance in my thought process as I venture out on my own with bigger $$ to invest

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                #1. I wouldn’t “time” anything. we don’t have enough info. how much do you have invested already. do you have an EF. but if I was in ur position I would throw $110k into low cost index funds and let it ride. and $30k into t Bills and cash equivivalents I have no interest in being a landlord.

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