Anyone have any tips on how to make strawberries last longer?

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      I’ve found they tend to go bad quite quickly.

      Hubby brought home 15liters yesterday (we measure strawberries in liters, weird I know).

      I’m planning on making strawberry jam today but would like to make a rhubarb and strawberry pie this weekend (mother in law has a ton of rhubarb and happy to share).

      Hubby and the children loves my rhubarb and strawberry pie, would love to make it but afraid they are going to get spoiled before the weekend.


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        Wash them with a bit of vinegar. It kills off any mold spores and they last so much longer!

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          Do not wash until ready to use and store in glass jars . Mine last for 2-3 weeks.

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            I store mine in screw top glass jars in fridge- do this with all my berries, they last for ages

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              I once washed strawberries first before placing them in jars, they went bad quick.

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                I read about the glass jar technique and tried it about 3 weeks ago. I bought a pint of organic strawberries at the Farmers Market, brought them home and place them into glass canning jars with lids on, as is, no washing…of course, I had to eat some.

                I noticed that over time, they slowly became riper, which was good as these were picked at the beginning of the season here. I ate a few each day or so. I just ate the last one today and it was delicious!

                The glass jar method works! Edited to add: Place the glass jar[s] filled with strawberries and with the covers on, into the refrigerator.

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                  Wash them, let them air dry, cut them up, freeze them. Thaw when you are ready to make pie or jam.

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                    Put them unwashed in large glas jars, kilner, ball or similar…lid on…will last much longer.

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                      I saw a tip on here to rinse in water with a few tablespoons of vinegar. It really works! I do all my berries this way.

                      I’ve saved a large plastic container- one I got berries in before. Line with paper towel.

                      I rinse them and store in that, they lat over a week.

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                        Picking your own at a u pick is the best way. They can go into the fridge within an hour of picking that way. I picked nearly two weeks ago & I still have some left for breakfast tomorrow. I keep the stem on all of them & never go more than a level flat deep (half the height of the store containers).

                        I am also careful to lift each berry gently so as to not disturb those below or they go bad more quickly.

                        Anything that has been sat out though will only keep a short while.

                        Glass jars will just cause them to ferment faster.

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                          Wash well in 1:4 white vinegar to water solution. Dry well with paper towels. Store in airtight container in refrigerator. Don’t remove green stems until you’re ready to use berries.

                          They will not taste of vinegar.

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                            Rinse well. Put in submerged bowls of white vinegar. Leave the green tops on. The vinegar I promise if you don’t cut them won’t enter the strawberry. In a few days when ready to use just rinse well in cool water. They’ll be exactly as they are now with no vinegar taste. Use them anyway you’d like.

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