How can I treat toenail fungus affordably?

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      Does anyone have advice on how to get rid of fungus under the toenail? My daughter was prescribed JUBLIA but will cost $75 per month.

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        Vicks Vapor rub or tea tree essential oil – I fixed my husbands toes like this.

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          I’ve soaked my foot in hot water with tea tree oil. Worked liked a charm!

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            Apple cider foot soaks.

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              Vicks vaporub

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                Soak in a foot bath with yellow listerine. My grandma is a foot nurse for over 25 yrs and swears by it

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                  Yes, she needs it use it only one affected area, should go away in a month need to throw out shoes or disinfect them so not fungus (freeze over night then heavily spray with athlete’s foot spray generously and regularly) wash all sock in hot water with peroxide or bleach to kill bacteria. Some people never get it, some always do. Always Socks in shoes helps

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                    Lamisil cream for toe fungus. Now over the counter. Dermatologists use to prescribe it for such indications before it became available as OTC, and its affordable.

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                      My daughter was prescribed an oral anti fugal that was super inexpensive (the generic of diflucan) she took a few rounds of it and soaked her foot 3 times a day in epsom salt bath.

                      Maybe ask the doctor for a more reasonable prescription? Or use Good RX

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                        Try Goodrx for the prescription? They usually are affordable. You can look the medication up online before you buy.

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                          It’s not a topical thing, it’s systemic and needs healed from the inside out. The no plant gaps diet works great, no sugar, carbs, processed foods. Just real food and healing.

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                            Do not take that medication even if you could afford it without looking at the side effects and potential adverse effects.

                            You have to treat it daily atleast once twice is better with something like vic’s, listerine, etc. You must cut away the affected nail and any tissues that is visible to have the fungus.

                            Vics applied twice a day fixed my issue with toenail fungus.

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                              It could be psoriasis which is an autoimmune disease. I have Ra and psoriasis and I am waiting to find out if it was fungus or psoriasis under both my big toes. If psoriasis you need meds to suppress your immune system.

                              I pray it’s fungus but psoriasis goes in cycles for a few months and then disappears.

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                                I would spend the $75. If money is a huge issue look up the manufacturer and contact them. Many times they will help out.

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                                  If you’ve paid to get the opinion of a professional, please follow their advice. I am surgical scheduler for a hospitals podiatry dept. You will waste more money chasing cheap alternatives than you will spend getting the medication which has been pricen to work. People who are non-compliant become our frequent fliers.

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