I work in tech and have been having a hard time increasing my salary

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      I’ve interviewed for role after role and either the salary posted isn’t accurate or I’m not extended an offer (made it to final stages).

      Looking into options and seeking advice.

      1. Stay at current job and look for another (part to full time job); ideally by next year I want salary in the 120-150k range.
      2. Consider moving to a HCOL area with likely better opportunities and higher salaries (NY, Cali, etc.)
      3. Switch careers to a more stable field? (Open to any options)

      Long term I’m thinking of the medical school path but know it involves massive amounts of debt + will take years to be financially comfortable.

      Any advice? I’m willing to do whatever it takes and open to working 2 full time jobs. The only challenge I’m facing is jobs that pay decent for a later shift/flexible schedule.

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        I feel like employees don’t have a lot of leverage in the current market. These things change quickly though. Keep building your tech and interview skills so you are ready when the season shifts.

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          Consider a job where your paycheck is on your effort. Like sales. Most paths in sales will allow for pretty flexible schedules anyway, on top of a good paycheck if you put in the effort. I started in Insurance for example. But you may look into sales roles in the technology field.

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            Yea I am not expert but lots of times just bc the pay is higher in Cali or NY is because of how costly it is to live in each place and I’m from NY.

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              Do you have any IT certifications? I’d avoid Cali and NY. High salary just means high cost of living. The goal is to increase your leftover savings, which is your take home pay minus your spending.

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                Tech is broad. What do you do? What do you like? What do you want to do? You’re trying to get into the 120-150k range, but where are you now (how much of a gap currently exists)? If you close that gap in income but relocate to a HCOL area, does that job change actually change your take-home pay after expenses? And do you actually want to work on medicine, or is that just a career you view as stable/lucrative?

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                  Medical field is not a field to get into just for the goal of making more money. It’s stressful and requires dedication. We get a lot of doctors with bad bedside manners because of that reason in mind. If you are going to it make sure do it as a vocation, money comes after that.

                  Also, medical school is very lengthy it will take 10-15 years before you reap financially and comes with lots of fees.

                  My friend’s husband has a medical degree didn’t get internship because of lack of connections so he switched to becoming IT for doctors’ offices making softwares for them and makes more money than doctors, he now lives in another country while hired by a U.S. company. He also built businesses. IL has lots of tech opportunities while maintaining a cost of living significantly lower than NY and CA.

                  Your job is very profitable just have to keep looking maybe find a part time job that will increase your expertise to get a full time job that pays higher.

                  Good luck.

                  Try applying in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies we have ITs too.

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