What do you guys do to not want what others have?

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      I am in a funk seeing other couples spend long weekends , people going out etc? We are comfortable in our budget and I am generally OK with how we live. But lately I just see what other do and I am jealous because I want that, but in my head I know we should not spend like that.

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        tbh find a way to get something similar. I want to go on a trip, okay then let me put a little bit of my check on the side and save up. I’m chronically ill and I’ve learned that trying to save to the point where I’m unable to do things or buy things is just not it. I won’t be able to do a lot of things when I’m older bc of my chronic illness and what’s the point of not enjoying w life now (responsibly) knowing that when I’m older I won’t be able to do so. Huge emphasis on responsibly though definitely be mindful but it’s OK to have fun! I’m always told stories of people who save up for their retirement, and once they reach the age they sometimes pass away before they’re even able to use the money to “retire” people have advised me to have fun and to acknowledge that just because you save up, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to use it. you never know where you’re going to be in five or 10 years. but obviously responsibly lol be mindful of how much you spent, but don’t restrict yourself to the point where you’re just not OK.

        some people work, their entire lives to buy a home, but at the end they buy their home and they’re just stuck constantly working trying to pay the mortgage. I know people like this they bought their home, but I literally stuck working all the time in order to afford their home.. there are people who work their lives to buy a home only to be able to live in it for a limited amount of time because either they pass away or because of health issues they have to go live in another home. And maybe their kids don’t want the house until they sell it off,. Ultimately go have fun.

        responsibly and be happy. Like I said, big emphasis on responsibly.

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          I struggle with this at times too. Right now we’re grinding to make more and save more for big expenses coming up so I just have to remind myself that while I don’t get a vacation, I have other nice things that have wonderful memories for me and I don’t need to travel to memories with someone.

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            The entire reason my household is frugal is to save up for fun stuff. We’re military so my husband already gets very limited time off and we really try to make the most of it. I do get a lot of people save money so that they have a cushion incase but I see zero problem in spending some of your cushion to enjoy your life.

            There is no need to do the bare minimum if your not doing it for a reason other than to survive.

            You can’t live like that bc it’s not living.

            Look into a cruise, they’re typically less than $1k total for everything, $2k MAX.

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