Best states for remote GS employees with COLA?

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      Totally just fantasizing here, but… if I can finagle a remote job (currently a GS employee and wanting to stick with it for the full 30), which state should i move to that still allows a family to afford a decent life?

      Bonus points if it’s within COLA reach of a large metro area, but still cheaper (e.g. parts of WV near DC). Currently living in CA and won’t last long here if costs keep going up.

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        Why not stay in California and just move to a part of the state with average col?


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          Idk where COLA extends to outside of DC, but Culpeper and Winchester, VA are both lowER cost of living near DC. Creeping up though.

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            I live in WV and work in VA in the I-81 corridor. Lots of federal opportunity here, and it all pays at the DC rate.

            I’m not a federal employee, but I do know what GS means. However, I just dropped my daughter off at a Girl Scout event, and I thought it was hilarious I read your sentence about being a GS employee and had a little chuckle.

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              Come to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex! Lots of jobs, no state income tax, two airports, plenty of things to do, and much more affordable than CA.

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                Lee’s summit Missouri is a great town to raise a family.

                My husband had 4 areas to select from when he took this job 16 years ago. We did a lot of research before moving here like crime school’s restaurants cost of living prices oh good neighborhood amx bars and other things.

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                  Cost of living is increasing everywhere. What kind of job are you looking for?

                  Richmond, Virginia has several Federal offices and military bases. The VA offers remote HR positions.

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