Can a single mom feed 4 on $500 a month for groceries? Budget tips needed!

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      Got fired from the job and now have to survive off of 500$ for a month for food for me and my 3 kids (single mom). I’m not sure how I’m going to do it. Is it doable? I welcome all tips and tricks when it comes to grocery shopping.

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        Take advantage of the food pantry in your area. This can help with filling your groceries.

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          Apply for food stamps so you can feed your kids.

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            Just a tip I’ve had to learn kids are not as picky as we are. They are okay (most of the time) with pb&j and Mac and cheese remember it’s not forever and will get better it’s okay if they go without snacks/drinks etc for a little bit

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              Avoid all processed/ brand name foods. Cook from scratch. $500 a month is a huge budget if you don’t buy junk!

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                Shop your kitchen first. Write down everything you have. Make a meal plan based on those items. Buying what you need to complete the meals. Also eat meatless 2 or 3 nights per week. Oatmeal, Spaghetti and Pancakes are easy on the budget and filling. Eggs too.

                Good luck. Job loss is scary, especially with kiddos.

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                  Make food from scratch! When I was a single mom of four, I made oatmeal for breakfast, or home made pancakes. PB and J for lunch. Ham and beans, goulash, chicken and noodles, homemade soups. There were times that I had to give them oatmeal breakfast and lunch…. they hated it, but I had to feed them somehow. No child support being paid. I made six $ an hr. and had a hard time renting.

                  I wanted to rent a two bedroom, but nobody would rent to me.

                  Finally got a trailer house. Not my best time in life, but we made it.

                  Hard, but not impossible.

                  Useful: For two adults, one kiddo, how much do you spend monthly on mostly organic groceries?

                  Good luck to you!

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                    Is it just for a month or indefinitely?

                    There’s no way you can survive on &500 with 3 kids! If you can somehow get on a government program to help would be nice but since you got fired I don’t know if they’ll be much help! I’m sure you can get another job because there are plenty of jobs for people that are willing to work ! Do the kids’ dad pay child support? Might want to look into that if he’s not.

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                      500 a month for groceries? That’s more than enough.

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                        Don’t let the firing get you down. Get out there and apply for a as many jobs as you can. You could probably find one in less than a month. Come up with a truthful, but reason that doesn’t look poorly on you for the firing. They are going to ask about the last job.

                        You want to be in front of that with a solid answer.

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                          I survive off $500 a month for food and we are a family of five. It’s definitely doable. I buy meat in bulk and separate And freeze, I grocery shop for once months worth in one go rather than sporadically throughout the month so it’s easier to budget, I shop at Aldi, what I can’t get at Aldi I go to kroger and coupon like a crazy person.

                          I make meals that can also be frozen and used in a later time through the month.

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                            Check if you have butcher shop nearby. We buy all our meat from a butcher shop. It’s far cheaper then a grocery store.

                            Look for things that are high in nutrition and low in junk. It’s also farm stands season. Be on the look for local farm stands in people’s yards and weekend farmer markets. You’ll get products that are better quality and less expensive.

                            Food banks are also great ways to supplement. Our area schools also offer meet and eat locations all summer. They usually set up at parks or the schools. Kids get a free lunch and maybe some okay time. One of our areas meets at a lake.

                            Proposed: I made myself a rule: NO buying groceries until the fridge is empty!

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                              Find out if the children can get free breakfast and lunch at school. Some times that will also include after school or weekend brown bags. Consider getting a job even part time that sells food they may have free or discounted plans for employees.

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                                Cook a big meal every other day. Like one day can be chicken nuggets and fries, the next day, meatloaf. Price match if you can to save on sales at multiple stores(gas prices are too crazy to drive everywhere just because something is cheap)Buy in bulk when you can afford to. Download reward apps on places you shop to earn coupons or points which can be used especially in a pinch. Baked goods also saves on snacking. You can get mixes at the dollar store that’ll make 12 muffins or 24 cupcakes, which can be frozen. Looking at it like 500 a month may not be much, but 125 a week can just make it. Best of luck — It’s so hard right now.

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                                  I guess it depends on the prices in your area but I feed 3 adults and 1 teen for $500-$550 in NC. I keep breakfast simple … toast and eggs, grits and eggs , cereal hot or cold . Lunch is sandwich or leftovers. My main focus is dinner . Plan your meals . I meal plan for 2 weeks. I don’t buy soda and I rarely buy junk foods maybe a pack of cookies or a cake mix every 2 weeks.

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                                    I keep my freezer stocked with one pound tubes of frozen ground sausage and turkey. They’re less than $3 at Walmart. I use them for one pot meals with rice or pasta. I also use them for lasagna, tacos, burritos, chili, etc.

                                    A one pound tube will easily stretch to feed a family. Plenty of eggs will keep lots of protein in their diet.

                                    Skip soft drinks and processed foods and you’ll easily be able to feed your family for $500/month.

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                                      Make some chicken soup in a crock pot from a rotisserie chicken. Add lots of veggies. fresh, canned or frozen (whatever is on sale) and some pasta. Seasonings that everyone will like. You can get several servings for not a lot of money this way.

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                                        If you were fired for cause unemployment could be a battle. If you were laid off you should be able to collect it.

                                        WIC, food stamps. Think about side hustles too. You could do food delivery, house cleaning or day care among other possibilities.

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                                          This is one of those extremely valid circumstances when looking into aid is neccesary. Food stamps, cash aid etc…don’t feel bad about it either. We have been down at times and making sure you and your kids are fed is what’s most important. Definitely seeing if there is local food pantries would be a great option as well.

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