How does someone make homemade mayo and it’s raw eggs in there and it not cause salmonella?

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      Pardon me for asking this… I’ve never thought of this before and I’ve been cooking 40+ years haha

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        The bacteria isn’t on the inside of the egg but the outside. Wash them well before breaking. Learned this from the Navy.

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          Lately it’s the flour is why they don’t want you to eat raw cookie dough.

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            You keep it in the fridge just like store bought mayo.

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              You can get pasteurized eggs at some store and they would be completely fine. I know Wegmans sells them if you have those near you.

              Also I have eat cookie dough wi try raw eggs in it plenty of times and lives. But if you are concerned go for the pasteurized ones.

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                I found this question very interesting so I just did a quick Google dive. I learned that not all chickens have salmonella. They have to be infected with it in order to pass it on.

                I also learned that salmonella of an infected chicken can be put on the shell only but can also infect the inside of the egg before the shell is formed. Washing the egg will only remove the salmonella outside of the shell.

                It’s still good to do, but it doesn’t guarantee the inside is uninfected. The USDA recommend only pasteurized eggs for homemade mayonnaise or anytime the eggs will be eaten less than completely cooked. I know somebody else said they pasteurize their own, but according to the USDA, it can’t be done properly at home for some reason.

                They didn’t get into why.

                The reason why more people don’t get sick more often is because the majority of eggs are not infected on the inside.

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                  One would want to know the source of their eggs & buy them directly from the farmer – but homemade mayo with raw eggs is most delicious.

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                    I got salmonella from raw eggs (not mayo fwiw) a long time back so I don’t chance it now.

                    I pasteurize them myself using a sous vide machine, 135f for 1 hour 15 minutes, but I understand not everyone has one.

                    Though apparently newer instant pots have a sous vide setting I’ve heard.

                    The eggs will look almost the same except the whites will be a little thicker and a slight bit more cloudy.

                    They’ll often need a little more time to whip up and emulsify but they’ll still work, just keep at it.

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                      The vinegar and/lemon juice (acid) causes Denaturation. The same when you make Ceviche or Key Lime Pie.

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                        I would only do it with pastured (not pasteurized, but hens that live in the pasture) eggs from a local farmer. Otherwise the hens are stuck inside crammed together, a perfect way to get contaminated with poop.

                        Cleaning the shells, making sure there’s no cracks is another way to lessen the chance.

                        I make it often and never had an issue.

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                          Someone commented store bought eggs are pasteurized. I commented, including links, that eggs out of shell are pasteurized in the U.S., but only 3 percent of those in shell are pasteurized. With links from the USDA. But they deleted the comment so now the information is lost.

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