Don’t forget to call companies when there are issues with your appliances, clothes, food, workmanship etc

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      I received a free $699 replacement touch faucet system for my kitchen when mine stopped working (I wasn’t the original owner but they mailed it to me anyways and I installed it myself), I just had 2 cabinets replaced and all crown molding fixed on our cabinets due to defects and workmanship (Free).

      We had the annoying dip in our deck corrected for $600 vice the $2500 they wanted even though we weren’t the original deck owners (we bought a builder’s show unit and the Deck wasn’t warrantied the same if we had had it installed ourselves), I contacted our fencing company when our gate started to sag and they came out and fixed it for free..etc…

      All of these items would have been crazy expensive if I hadn’t have just asked the question.

      I am very proud of our home and I want to keep it in good repair.

      It makes me feel very accomplished when I can get these items free or at a discounted rate just by asking (and no, I do not try to strong arm anyone, I just ask).

      Best of luck out there.

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        I do not know where you live but, where we are, usually people are not that responsive!

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          I did the same.

          things and most of the time companies want to keep you as a customer. my Oster blender stop working and the guy sent me a new motor and it works wonders. I was a happy camper my husband was going to throw it out.

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            I bought a rechargeable blower and weed wacker set that quit working after about a year and a half. My old one lasted over 10 years. I tried to return it to Lowe’s but they wouldn’t do it because it was over a year.

            I contacted the company and they sent me a new set!

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              We follow a similar process for our Kohler sinks and shower heads. Over the nearly 10 years we’ve been in our home, they have provided replacement parts whenever needed.

              Their customer service is exceptional; they even guided us through installing a part on our shower head to prevent leaks.

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                I am going to call corian I think there is a life time guarantee and my kitchen counter is cracked . Worth a shot.

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                  I’m with you, I ALWAYS register my products and have gotten more than one replacement over the years. Sometimes it’s not worth it if the fee is high or their process is too much of a hassle.

                  But many times it saves money if something stops working properly.

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                    Costco refunded an expensive kitchen faucet….
                    It was over 10 years old.
                    I keep all receipts and paperwork forever.
                    The faucet had a lifetime warranty,but was no longer available.

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                      Agreed! Marvin windows (years ago) replaced a kitchen bay/box window and paid for some of the labor when we weren’t the original installers of that window. It was prone to mushrooms. Inside.

                      Also, a faucet company, (don’t recall the name, it wasn’t known to me prior) sent a new faucet part for a broken kitchen faucet.

                      However, despite my photos and detailed description, they sent a part with the wrong finish. I called them back and sent photos, so they sent a whole new faucet for free.

                      I was not the original buyer of that faucet. Some companies really want to help.

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                        We also ask when getting quotes for work to be done, “Is that the best price you can offer?” And more times than not they will discount it.

                        Like you said you don’t get it unless you ask.

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