Why us my paint peeling?

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      I sanded my banisters and applied wood paint (recommended by the worker in homebase) for first coat, lovely. Second coat on and it peels everything away. Why?

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        Gloss on top of gloss will peel in small sheets. Easy fix.. Solvent based undercoat to tighten up the paint and stop it running. Light rub down and then f funish coat

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          Did all the priming and undercoat nothing would work, got Poundlands wood paint for a fiver thought got nothing to lose🤷‍♀️went on a dream just one coat

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            If it was oiled timber and you used water based paint it won’t stick.

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              Grease most likely, a degrease followed by a really good sand. Then appropriate primer and then top coats with denibbing (fine sanding) in between coats and removing dust.

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                If oil based and not down to bare wood it will peel. Also sugar soap it after sanding before priming xx

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