Meals that don’t use an oven?

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      It’s getting super hot here in Florida and the electric bill increases from using the stove.

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        We’re in Houston. I understand, we don’t use the oven from about now to September just because it heats the house up. I use my crockpot, air fryer, and grill outside.

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          My favorite kitchen appliance is a ninja foodie. It does everything, slow cooker, pressure cooker, bakes/roasts, sauté, dehydrates, sou vide, etc etc. it’s saved on my power bill and keeps my kitchen from heating up. Well worth the investment.

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            Air fryer is fast and won’t heat up your kitchen.

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              Sandwiches, cook once week, then heat leftovers in microwave or toaster oven.

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                Not an answer to your question as much as suggest getting an air fryer. I have one that looks like a toaster oven, and it can fit plenty of food for my family for dinner.

                I don’t notice any heat increases to my kitchen like I do if I use the oven in the summer.

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                  I live in Florida too and I use my Crockpot and Insta pot almost daily. These appliances use very little electricity to run. You can make all sorts of healthy satisfying meals in these and save tons of money. We usually make enough for a dinner and have leftovers for lunch.

                  I also put these appliances in my Lanai so the house doesn’t get s lot of food smells.

                  Examples of meals:

                  • Pot roast w/ potatoes & green beans.
                  • Chicken & potatoes cooked w/ 1 can stewed tomatoes & 1 envelope onion soup.
                  • Chicken pot pie using rotisserie chicken frozen veg, I can cream of chicken, shedded cheese and top it with pillbury dinner biscuits (this cooks grest in crock pot).
                  • Chili.
                  • Lots of recipes for these appliances on YouTube.
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                    Store-bought rotisserie chickens are your friends. Bring it home, shred all the meat up, and you can easily use it for adding to those bags chopped salads, or make a chicken salad sandwich, or a wrap. Stir fry and chicken tacos require the stove but only for a couple minutes.

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                      We also do great using a Foodi toaster oven. All our meals all during hot season. Never turn on big oven. pre heats fast, puts out little heat, cooks super fast too. options for convection, air fry,
                      air roast, dehydrate, toast, bagels, bake, broil, etc..

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                        Our go-to summer lunch is chicken sandwiches. Like tuna but with canned chicken. I add a slice of cheese and the kids love it.

                        I also make LARGE batches of meals and freeze portions to reheat.

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                          It’s already in the 90s in Texas with a humidity level of one million lol. Crock pot and instapot are my go to. My kitchen gets horribly hot with the oven on.

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                            I use my instapot, crockpot, foreman grill, and microwave for quite a few things. If I still had my toaster oven and counter room in my kitchen I would use that instead of my regular oven.

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                              You can get a roaster, it like a mini oven, looks like a crockpot but cooks electric heat. Put on patio, if you feel it gives off too much heat. During cooking or right after. We have done turkey in ours. We use it for extra oven at holidays but especially when too hot to cook.

                              Make casseroles, bake biscuits, anything you want.

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                                When we lived in Florida we switched to a propane stove. It was so so so much cheaper that way. We had the initial investment of the tanks but they lasted us for months!

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                                  Get an air fryer. It cooks faster with zero heat but does use electricity. The meal options are endless. Most come with cookbooks with meal ideas and you can find some online.

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                                    Grill out. We do that a lot when it’s hot to keep the heat out of the house. Crockpot meals: Roast, potatoes, carrots, onions. Cook chicken breasts in crockpot with BBQ sauce, Alfredo sauce, etc. Or, cook chicken in crockpot to chop up or shred for hot chicken and cheese sandwiches in the broiler for about 5 minutes. Chicken tacos, chicken enchiladas, chicken pot pie with no top. Add biscuits for a topping, but that would have to be baked about 15-20 in the oven.

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