Budget friendly spring break destinations within 4 hours of Finger Lakes?

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      Spring break is coming up next month and my daughter wants to go somewhere (we are in the Finger Lakes of NYC). Any suggestions on a budget friendly within a 4 hour drive destination for a couple days (we’ve been to NYC many times already). TIA

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        Myrtle Beach SC BUT stay in Conway, SC. It’s a very safe and very small town about a 15 minute drive from the coast and very easily affordable. We haven’t been in about 20 yrs but back then they had THREE shopping malls on the same lot! So when they aren’t on the beach or in the hotel pool they can go to the mall and enjoy it!

        Also, there is a State run Park with the same beach, same ocean but it has all the lounging chairs-no rental fees there- and is very secure-go on a Thursday and admission is free as all National Parks are on Thursdays across the US!

        There’s a pier, it’s well kept and again, very safe and no parking problems. I think there’s a NASCAR track in Conway and a Ripley’s Museum in Myrtle Beach propper so there is a LOT to see and do and staying at the hotel it is like a hundred dollars per night less than in the city!

        I think it’s a Days Inn. In fact, yes it was though that could have changed by now, a lil two story place right by the highway.

        I hope she enjoys her vacation and Pray all Spring Breakers a safe and happy trip no matter where they go!

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          We just got home from Cleveland and the rock and roll hall of fame. It was super nice and Cleveland is a cool city. We’re from upstate NY and drove by you on the way home!

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            What about Canada for a couple of days. Montreal & Quebec City are beautiful and full of history. There are also smaller cities/towns along the way.

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              What about Gettysburg? Take a ghost tour, enjoy some history, not busy this time of year. Make a quick trip over to Hershey and go through the Chocolate tour.

              This area is not busy during early spring, but still plenty to do.

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                If ya go to Niagra falls Canada side you need a passport, and always use you credit card for the actual rate exchange. They have taxes on alot of stuff. There is a beautiful butterfly indoor forest some butterflies as big as you open hand with gorgeous colors.

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                  Niagara Falls, would be a great destination if she hasn’t been there. We were there for nationals one year and everyone really enjoyed both sides of the falls.

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                    I think there’s a safety factor that also needs to be considered when choosing a destination right now. Not trying to rain on anyone’s parade. Just cautious thoughts.

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                      It’ll be chilly still, but I second Niagara Falls, Toronto, Montreal or Quebec (most European city in North America). Good US exchange rate, you’d need a passport for crossing borders into Canada. We go to Toronto area every few years for a foodie’s trip in the Asian communities.

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                        Some people have no idea what a 4 hr drive is and where western NY is.
                        I live near Albany and it takes about 4 hrs to get to the Finger Lakes.
                        How are they getting to DC, Gettysburg, Philly, TN, or Myrtle Beach in 4 hours?

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                          If you could make it to myrtle beach you could probably make it to Charleston SC. Stay out on Folly Beach. Take a day to go downtown. Take a carriage ride. Go to the market. See rainbow row. Go to patriots point. Take a haunted tour. Great food.

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