Can anyone tell me how to patch a bath towel?

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      My favorite 10 year old towel finally developed a hole. It is about 1 inch by 1 inch and still has a few threads running through the fabric. I have a machine and can sew. I’ve just never patched a towel.

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        My gram and mum patched everything! I’m glad you have a machine. If you have an older facecloth, cut a heart or square to make a patch. You could hand stitch first and machine stitch after. You can even scotch tape to hold as it can be peeled away. Do I front and back. Hope this helps.

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          Towels are so inexpensive if you catch them on sale at Wal-mart. I know that it is your favorite but any patch that you do is not going to be comfortable when you are drying yourself.

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            You need to do a weave. Put running stitches along 2 parallel sides then connect by going in and out through the few threads that are left. This needs to be hand sewn. A machine will tear up the towel.

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              A cute patch in a soft material sounds easy & you can just use a scrap of terrycloth or whatever you have laying around. I’d put the pach on both sides. One with a regular stich then the flip side with a zigzag stich. It will come through the other side also.

              I keep scraps in a shoe box just for stuff like that. One time, my square pot holders got pretty worn.

              I just covered them with material. Then they were good as new.

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              Kj Mushovic

                Is it part of a set that included a washcloth? Maybe you could use a still-strong section of the matching washcloth and piece it in.

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