Just curious, what is your life after reaching financial independence?

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    Ed Perez

      Are you still working or did you completely abandon the idea of working?

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        At 55 we quit the 9:00 to 5:00 and now call it retirement lol.

        We’re living the RV lifestyle 11 months out of 12 and seeing this great nation up close and personal!

        You never know how much time you have so when you can financially afford it, I would highly recommend doing your own thing.

        Enjoy the journey!

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          I worked for an extra year until the husband could retire at 50. Then we abandoned our jobs. Then after a year the husband became a realtor. We’ve still got kids at home so I’m doing a lot of running them around and living my best life.

          I’m not going back to work, not working is so damn awesome.

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          CM Farr

            I quit my 9-5 routine and am consulting (about the same pay). It’s more flexible for travel and setting some of my own hours. I’ll transition in the next decade (still in my 30s) to fully retired, but I like what I do now.

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              To answer this question, I feel the need to define the terms ‘work’ and ‘job’ as completely different activities.

              I don’t think ‘work’ can ever stop in life if you have any aims, ambitions, etc. With an ambition of ‘I want to go to Antarctica’, there is always work related to ‘Planning, booking, researching etc’. So that’s also work. With the ambition of growing one’s own food, there is also the work required to actually do it.

              I am looking forward to reducing the ‘job’ thing in my life, possibly even eliminating or replacing it with some interesting studies etc where I can then focus more on learning rather than doing the same thing over and over in a job.

              So in a nutshell, ‘work’ never stops until you are dead, but the boring job activity can stop. Learning something is also ‘working’ to achieve a goal.

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                Good question! Financial independence isn’t so much a finish line as it is a mindset. Work is a part of life – if you don’t work you die. Society teaches people to work to create a living. If you don’t have to create a living because you can pay to get your time back, don’t stop working. Change the mindset of work into play.

                Having choice and control changes everything, but only if you know what you want to do. If you don’t you will always be looking for others to justify your success. That is a decision intrinsic to you.

                Everything else comes from making that first basic decision.

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