Can I save money on a Nintendo Switch and games (used or digital)?

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      Looking for video game money hacks. We’re not techy but want to get the kids a Switch in the next few months (probably before Black Friday). Back in my day, we just went to Gamestop 🤷‍♀️ is there somewhere cheaper? Are used consoles and games reliable, and where should we get them? Is buying the digital game worth the price, and if so, why?

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        I would check facebook market place. I got my switch it was like new with the box and a few games for well under what a new console cost.

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          I’ve bought used consoles from Gamestop without any issues at a very good price. I will say if your kids are getting a Switch, popular games don’t drop in price often (Mario, Zelda, etc) but they have options to buy two of those expensive games for a much cheaper price via their game voucher system. They also have an awesome program called Nintendo Switch online that allows you to play classic games while you have a membership.

          Buying digitally can be pretty decent as there are a lot of indie games at lower prices on the online store. I’ve gotten quite a few for $20 or less with many under $10. For larger titles, if you think your kids will trade in every so often, it may be best to grab hard copies.

          As an aside, I believe Nintendo is doing a direct soon where they will be announcing the next console. You may get lucky and get a better drop in price for the system once that announcement happens.

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            Buy physical so you can always resell later.

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              I wouldn’t buy physical games for a switch. I’d wait for deals to pop up for digital copies on the little Nintendo marketplace, or just pay a bit more anyways for a digital copy. It’s way less cumbersome than having a million physical games. Imagine if you had to enter a CD to open up excel, word, PowerPoint, etc vs just clicking on them.

              Way easier to have full access to all their games on the move for long car rides and stuff not having to lug a physical game library along with you.

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                So many games have flooded the market that games are CONSTANTLY on sale in the digital store. Also, if your kids like classic games you can unlock hundreds with a small monthly fee via Switch Online.

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                  I’m sure you want this sooner, but black Friday and prime days always have potential for sales.

                  Nintendo also teased there might be a new switch announced which typically sees older models go on sale, but that could be anytime this year.

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                    Costco has Nintendo switch bundles for cheaper than other retailers, and they regularly run Nintendo e shop credits for 10% discount along with getting credit card spend and 2% exec cash back.

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                      It may be a Hail Mary pass, but I’ve had luck getting a PS4 on my local buy nothing group. I literally just asked, and someone had one to gift that was collecting dust.

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                        Read the small print for digital. Most people don’t know this but when you buy digital anything – games, books, audios – you do NOT own the product and Nintendo can take it away from you at any moment without notice. You also can’t resell them down the line.

                        Most of the time both physical and digital games are worth the same price. We always buy physical products.

                        They are tiny and take no space.

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                          We rent games from the library, highly recommend. If you really like a game then you can purchase down the road but it’s a great way to try the game out before purchase.

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                            I only buy physical. The exception being Steam.

                            Game stores will shut down, and you can’t resell the games.

                            Physical games won’t be taken away, and if you have to replace the hardware after the store is gone you’re still all good.

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