Cherishing Simple Joys: A Meaningful 6th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

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      My husband and I are celebrating our 6th year wedding anniversary today. We stayed at home all day and bond with the kids. played guitar, watch the kids sing their favorite worship songs .Today we leave all the worries of our circumstances for tomorrow and just enjoy this special day, create more wonderful memories with our girls. No special fancy dinner meal just a table with my family full of laughter as my eldest was talking about her school crush.

      Tonight as I looked at my husband and my children sleeping peacefully in our bed .I felt the contentment. This is life for me this is what I had prayed to God, though it’s not an easy life but I felt so blessed  I have this people in my life now, it makes everything easier.

      They are the reason I keep on trying my hardest everyday. Today I am thankful that in this same day 6 yrs ago I made the right decision of saying “I do” to this man sleeping beside me right now .The day we started to make our own little family.

      Special occasion doesn’t always means you have to spend so much to celebrate it. Sometimes spending time with your love ones, creating memories is what matters to them.

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        You are so rich and beyond blessed.

        Happy Anniversary to the two of you!! How much money you have and/or spend on one another is totally irrelevant to what is most important in life. Our culture will tell you differently, but pay no attention.

        You’ve got it.

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          That is so beautiful.

          You and your family are blessed in the ways that mayter…eternally.

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            Happy Anniversary! Your day sounds like the perfect way to celebrate.

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