Curious about how much you budget for car washing?

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    Ma. Eugenia

      My husband spends $35 a month to get his car washed which it looks excessive to me.

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        Don’t sweat the small stuff. That seems reasonable.

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          The question is, does he find value in the money he spends for that? If so, it’s totally worth it.

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            Not a line item in our budget.

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              That’s NOTHING in terms of detailing cost, and if that $35 makes his commute that much more peaceful, I’d find other places to trim.

              For comparison, I would expect to pay $125-$150 to have my car detailed, and I would not consider that unreasonable.

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                if him spending $35/mth is your problem, you got it easy… Rejoice…

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                  If he is a higher earner with limited time I could see it. If he is making average money and your are trying to tighten the belt…then yea, that is 420 bucks a year.

                  Hard to take a stance without more info.

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                    To answer your question $35 is not that bad especially if you have a bigger vehicle. Start valuing your time tho, cuz there’s no need to have analysis paralysis over washing a car.

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                      That’s the cost of one full service wash in my area. I drive my car through Costco’s car wash every once in a while for 8.00 but it isn’t the same.

                      It depends on location. I’m in So. cal so we don’t get rain to wash cars but I don’t deal with lots of salt or mud. When I lived in Denver and Michigan, I was my car more often.

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                        Where I live in so cal we are not supposed to use water for car washing. I recently joined Soapy Joe’s car wash membership for $20/mo unlimited washings.

                        I go once a week and my car has never looked better!

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                          For those recommending the unlimited auto wash, just be careful. The brushes can retain grit/dirt from prior vehicles and scratch yours. Speaking from personal experience, I absolutely LOVED the unlimited deal. Car wash is really nice too. Until this happened…

                          Fortunately some rubbing compound and wax were able to buff out most of the visual scratches in the clear coat. But I am back to occasional manual washes in the stalls.

                          B.T.W. Suggested: Suggestions for car insurance?

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                            There are lots of variables. Where you live, what type of vehicle you drive, and how valuable your time is. Examples –

                            My GF hand washes her car once a month. She works a basic 9-5 and has spare time. Lives in Kentucky on a paved road. Cost maybe $20/year on supplies.

                            However I manage 3 different income streams across 6 states. Im always on the go, and often in snow, ice, salt, and muddy dirt roads. I pay a $38/mo subscription to a local car wash and get up to 1 wash per day. That value saves me tons of time that is better spent running my businesses and making money!

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