Suggestions for car insurance?

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      Mine just went up 50% from last year due to “rates going up in my area”.

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        Costco connect came back with a better rate for us than the brokerage services we tried.

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          @Alejandro — call a local independent agent near you with excellent google reviews.

          I own an independent agency. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself – find someone who will shop multiple carriers. Harder to do in some states right now depending on where you’re located but there’s still a lot of options out there.

          Don’t miss: Friendly reminder shop around for car insurance!

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            I will be interested in these answers. Mine has been so crazy lately and I’m currently looking at options also. Progressive dumped me because my house is over 20 years old.

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              Same. We are in Florida too. We sold a car and our renewal for one car is more than we paid for two cars.

              We shopped around with a broker and found Progressive to be cheapest but still insane.

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                Wow, 50% increase is a lot! Mine just went up 17%.

                Have there been any changes that contributed to your rate increase? Like claims or adding a new young driver? Or is it purely “rates going up in the area”?

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                  I liked policy genius for shopping some rates easily. Last summer I had them shop home and auto saved $3,000 for the year.

                  Then I had them shop term life for me. 41yo male good health 1mil, 15 years, $39month.

                  I was happy with their finds. Although a local broker might be better this was easy.

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                    Talk to a local insurance broker.

                    PS: no matter the carrier its luck of the draw when it comes to adjusters. Learn your policy and don’t let the carrier/contractor take you fir a “ride”.

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                      I went through a local broker. Switched to Hastings Mutual and now paying $71/mo. for full coverage on a 2022 Honda.

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                        Shop around.

                        I did it a year ago and saved almost 40-50%. My former insurer was Allstate. Current is Erie. However, in your area another insurer can be cheaper. Make a spreadsheet to track quotes, get several and compare.

                        Don’t forget to take a look at: I just received GEICO car insurance bill and it’s 18.60% higher than before

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                        Jo Nathan

                          Last time mine went up, I went liability only. I could take the financial hit if something bad happened.

                          If it goes up too high, maybe I’ll go non-op on one of my vehicles.

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                          Jo Nathan

                            You can shop around, but your rates didn’t go up so much because of “rates going up in your area”. You got in an accident and filed a claim.

                            That’s going to be on your report for all insurers to see and everyone will factor that in.

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                              Car insurance has so many factors based on you specifically that it’s not usually worth getting recommendations. All the major companies have made it incredibly fast and easy to get quotes online (do not call them, many times they charge more over the phone).

                              I got 6 quotes in under 30 minutes and saved a TON by switching.

                              You can check also: What is the most affordable car insurance?

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                                Get an independent broker. They will shop cheapest rates for YOU. Also look at bundling all YOU’RE insurance to save money.

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