Does anyone have any good recommendations for a women’s solid deodorant, that isn’t a small fortune?

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      I can’t use the clear stuff. I have been using secret for years but don’t feel like it’s working the best.

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        • Men’s Mitchum.
        • Schmidt
        • Suave
        • Men’s
        • Lady Mitchum
        • Lume
        • Degree
        • Native
        • Arm & Hammer
        • Crystal
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          Lume. It is not cheap, however a little bit goes a LONG way. I buy maybe 2 tubes a year at $20 a piece.

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            I have used secret for years, and it doesn’t seem to be working-I thought maybe the crazy Texas heat, or changing hormones might be to blame.

            But maybe the product changed? Anyone else notice a change in product effectiveness? Following because I need something different too.

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              Please listen do not buy any deodorant with an aluminum in it. try all natural Native.

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                I use native it isn’t cheap but I don’t use a ton I feel a small amount goes a long way with it.

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                ŮŠ Brianne

                  I feel it needs to be said, just as a heads up… aluminum free deo is SO much better for you.

                  The aluminum builds up and actually increases the risk of cancer exponentially. But if you’ve spent years using stick deo with aluminum then switch to an aluminum-free version like Lume, there WILL be a “purging” period where all the built up gunk will work its way out of your pits. Expect about 2 weeks of smelling like a damp funyun.

                  After that though, it works perfectly.

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                    Download the app Yuka and when you are in the store scan the barcode and it will tell you what is in it and if any of is bad for you. I ended up with Hello but I don’t think it’s working smells good but I clean houses and my arm pits really stink so I will continue looking.

                    You want to stay away from aluminum salts too.

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                      I have used Secret for years but it seemed to not be working as well.

                      So, I took one of my daughter’s tube of Degree. It works better, so far. I wish companies would stop changing things.

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                        I use baking soda. A pinch under each pit, rub it in a little and it disappears. Very economical.

                        There are lots of DIY recipes online for making your own with a few inexpensive ingredients.

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                          I have used suave for the last 20 years and only occasionally bought Secret when I found a good sale. Suave works great for me. Family Dollar and Dollar General are the best prices. I used to work as an exterminator… I used Suave then but I also remember I did use some men’s deodorant during that time. I liked one of the Right Guard solid sticks… it was a cream and not a gel.

                          ETA.. buy you some Chlorophyll capsules and take one a day! You won’t have body odor anywhere on your body! Seriously.. your arm pits, your behind, your Hoo Haa… nothing will smell! Additionally, your urine, poop, nor posts will have a smell. The only downside is that your poop will be green as grass!

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