Does anyone use the budget by paycheck AND live rich planner?

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      I HATE change and in a panic bought the live rich planner for 2024 thinking she wouldn’t be making the budget by paycheck (which I LOVE), and now see she is making budget by paycheck again… I am trying to decide if I should just suck it up and try to learn the live rich or do both.

      I have been messing with my live rich planner to be ready for next year because it took me two years to finally get good at the budget by paycheck lol anyway… I have a feeling I will buy the new one anyway…

      Just trying to figure out why I guess! Hahha!

      Thanks for listening

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        I use both but I bought the digital copies so I can use them together in one book. With some creative printing, I have it set up so the BBP pages show up between the weeks when I get paid.

        It’s been awesome and so much better carrying just one book from place to place.

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          The LRP isn’t really full on budgeting like the workbook. I bought it and found I never used it for budgeting (or life tor that matter – I didn’t have anything to plan but it’s pretty

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            I have had both and the new online BBP version. So, I loved my BBP so much but when she didn’t have any last year the one I did have I have to my son, so I bought the new online one. Finding that I missed my BBP book so much I decided to purchase the LRP, now I’m obsessed with that. In a few weeks I will become a nursing student and I need to be organized and live very frugally with my money.

            I love the online version because it does all the adding up for me and it’s easy to close out, but I also like putting pen to paper, markers, stickers and making things look colorful, so on that note I will purchase the BBP book, still using the online version through excel and continue to use my LRP to organize my life.

            Is it a lot of extra work, in my eyes absolutely not, it’s a win win for me. Everyone is different you do what’s best for you.

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              I bought both but I found it is a waste of money for me. We don’t have kids or busy social lives so the planner isn’t worth it to me.

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