Fidelity index funds more aggressive than VOO?

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      Hey everyone! I’m 26 and I’m looking for recommendations (if any) for something a bit more aggressive than VOO which is what I’m investing in now. My Roth and brokerage is through Fidelity so preferably a fidelity index or any other fidelity recommendations. Thanks!

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        More aggressive should mean investing more into VOO (or VTI), not investing in something else. Any other investments may outperform in the short term but will under perform in the long term.

        Patience and trust in the process of getting rich slowly is key to FI.

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          You should really develop your own investment policy statement rather than solicit other people’s opinions on specific investments, because their goals, time frames, and risk tolerances may be different than yours, and you’ll probably get a wide range of responses that may or may not be suitable for you.

          You might be interested in checking out The Simple Path To Wealth or The Bogleheads’ Guide To Investing if you want some general advice on investing.

          You can check also: Any thoughts on VTI vs VOO?

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            Also, you could put 5% in a Bitcoin ETF.

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              I invest in vgt and vug and voo.

              Both have outperformed vtsax, albeit with more volatility.

              My withdrawal strategy is pull from vtsax in low years to help the others weather the volatility.

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                I would suggest you look at your long term goals and figure out what kind of return you want and how much volatility you can handle. Once you have that nailed down, you can start exploring funds. You have many years ahead of you.

                Put in the work now so you can take full advantage of the compounding.

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                  This could mean about 100 different investment choices. Ur the only on that knows what more “aggressive” means for u. Could be going with a tech heavy index fund. Could be cashing out ur entire portfolio and buying APL and MSFT, could be incorporating BTC or more small cap. All of these I would define them as “aggressive”.

                  But vastly difference

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