Finished BS1 today

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      It may not be much to the world at large, but it feels like a major step for me! I had to tell somebody, and I figured this was a good place. I’m celebrating tonight! (With a home cooked meal and my kids over to have a family dinner… not by eating out somewhere!) Here’s to starting BS2 tomorrow!

      Got home only to find out the heat and air unit (16 years old) gave up the ghost. Upsetting? Yes. Knowing I have an emergency fund to help? Amazing. Oh well. At least it’s not as debilitating as it could be.

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        Are you kidding!? Of course it’s a big deal! Congratulations! Keep on going! Woot! Woot!

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          That first step does seem to take longer than expected! Congratulations!

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            Getting through BS1 is a huge accomplishment! It lays the groundwork to your commitment to putting in the work. Stay strong! You’ve got it!

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              Congrats…and don’t get discouraged if this isn’t your only time in BS1. It’s happened to all of us at one time or another. That’s why it’s there…to be used “in case of an emergency”.

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                Any thing to get rid of debt is a BIG thing. As long as your not adding to debt it’s a big thing!

                Get mad, get really mad at your debt and go gazelle

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