Food is so expensive! What basics do you buy?

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      I’m low income and food stamps are very little. I only have access to a stove top and a microwave. To complicate things I have stomach issues. I appreciate food banks but unfortunately I can’t eat a lot of what they give you.

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        I eat a lot of beans for protein. Canned beans are cheap. Dried beans are cheaper but more trouble to cook so I usually buy canned. I’ll add sauteed onions and peppers or taco sauce. Sometimes I’ll eat them with rice, sometimes I’ll wrap them in a tortilla. Baked beans from a can are good, as well.

        Eggs are not too expensive around here. I can get a dozen eggs from someone with backyard chickens for $4 a dozen. One or two eggs paired with some cheese provides a good amount of protein. I like egg and cheese sandwiches on English muffins and I like omelets with cheese and sliced tomatoes.

        Grilled cheese sandwiches are filling and satisfying. Paired with tomato soup, they are the ultimate comfort food and provide a decent amount of protein.

        A bowl of cereal with milk can be pretty healthy and is good for a quick and easy meal. Obviously it depends on what kind of cereal you choose. Something like bran flakes or raisin bran or shredded wheat or some kinds of granola (some are super high in sugar) isn’t bad, and sometimes I add a handful of nuts or flax seeds for extra protein, and I’ll add fresh berries or banana slices if I have them.

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          I’m pretty much in the same boat as you are Karen. I’m also low income and on food stamps. You’re right, they don’t go far at all!

          I’m a plant based eater and I live pretty much on beans and rice or steamed frozen veggies and potatoes.

          I couldn’t survive without my rice cooker and my steamer and only eating this simply I still run out of money before the month is up!

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            Fruits and veggie will keep you full. Eat what is in season. Propagate the produce you can – for instance, you can grow more celery from a cut off celery stalk put in water. Eggs are cheaper now, so two scrambled eggs could be a meal. Just drink water.

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              Meat is most expensive. A lot of farmers markets take food stamps so shop there for fruits and vegetables. Frozen is better then canned vegetables. See when your local grocery stores reduce their meat prices and shop then.

              Make your own bread and dough. Buy a whole chicken and cut it up for different meals this is cheaper then buying just legs or thighs. Buy big bag of rice, elbow noodles when they go on sale.

              Potatoes can last a long time if put in a dark place. If you have space grow your own Potatoes, tomatoes, onions and peppers even in a pot.

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                Mushrooms are a really good substitute for meat if you are able to eat them. Portabellos make great burger substitutes and mini-pizzas. I chop up button & creimi mushrooms in place of meat in spaghetti sauce.

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                  Porridge or overnight oats (With banana or apple .. or whatever fruit is cheap in your area). Homemade veggie/ potato soups with whatever is on offer. Pasta & tomato sauce. If all fails, beans on toast..

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                    Rice, beans (dried are cheaper than the canned and give you a larger amount, plus high in protein), potatoes, frozen veggies, whole roaster chickens can make several meals, and you can usually buy them pre-cooked. If not, cut into manageable portions for stove-top cooking, or boil the entire chicken.

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