Frugal Cleaning Win: LA’s Totally Awesome Cleaner Saves the Day

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      I wanted to share a frugal win/cleaning product for this week that may help others. I am shopping for new flooring for my kitchen and I brought samples home from Lowes and decided on a lighter color. It’s going to look like wood planking. The sample is as big as my hand so I got an idea to test how it would hold up as far as stain removal.

      I poured a little cranberry juice on one area and a little mustard on another area, lightly rubbed it in and left it for 15 min. The cranberry juice wiped right off pretty easily and didn’t stain. On the other hand, the mustard left a light yellow stain.

      I tried several cleaners plus a little scrub with baking soda. I was disappointed that even though it wasn’t so terrible, it was still noticeable to me. Then I remembered watching a cleaning show and the woman was raving about LA’s Totally Awesome Cleaner vs. other name brand cleaners. I had some I had forgotten about, so I sprayed it on and came back 15 min. later and wiped the cleaner off and viola! stain GONE.

      This bottle of spray cleaner is only $1.00 at the Dollar General or $1.25 at the Dollar Tree. The cleaning lady was spraying it on clothing stains and a man used it to clean and spray wash the house vinyl siding. So it has many purposes. If you use this super inexpensive product, what do you clean with it?


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        I’ve used this for a long time to steam clean my carpet with!! Just a couple of cap fiulls AFTER you fill the tank because it will foam up! Also as a laundry stain remover. Great for taking nicotine stain out of clothes!

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          Think it’s great. took out blood stains I couldn’t believe how easy started using about 5 yrs. Ago

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            I dilute to different strengths in different bottles, use it for everything.

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              Be careful, recently Dollar Tree moved all of their awesome bottles to an upper shelf. When I was grabbing a bottle to put in my cart, the bottle cap was not secure, and it poured down onto my face and into my eyes. In particular, the left eye. I washed it out in their filthy bathroom, but it still hurts and it’s 3 days later. I told the person in charge, and they said that corporate is changing the store around. They thought it shouldn’t be that high up either but, said that they have to do what corporate tells them. I’m going to have a hard time buying it again because I’m going to be afraid it will spill on my eyes again and it was incredibly painful. They still hurt.

              I’m 5’7 and I had to reach above my head for it.

              I use it on awnings, greasy projects and boat cleaning.

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                It works amazing removing bugs from the car!

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                  Just be careful to dilute it because it’s very strong and it may damage certain finishes. I would also rinse always when I use it.

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                    LA’s is amazing!

                    I moved into a house that 5 chain smokers had previously lived in and they never so much as opened a window. The walls were a yellow orange but thanks to a couple gallons of this stuff, I was able to get them back to their original white.

                    I’ve never found another cleaning product that could get nicotine off walls like that.

                    Definitely need great ventilation when using it though.

                    Related: Does anyone have a homemade recipe for washing machine cleaner?

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                      It’s great stuff, I use it all the time and it works great.

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                        It’s great for spring cleaning on outdoor furniture. It takes grime and mildew off quickly, I spray it on and leave it for a few hours. Rinse it off and its clean, Sometimes in some spots, you will need to use a brush.

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                          Be careful not to splash on clothes while using. Definitely has a strong bleaching property, especially at full strength.

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                            We refuse to run low on this stuff because it’s AWESOME. Bathtubs, stains on laundry, sailboat, floors. The best and cheapest cleaner ever.

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                              I love that you found something so cheap and it works so well for you! I love Totally Awesome products. I will use this cleaner for many things, since it’s a multipurpose cleaner. Bathtub, toilet, kitchen surfaces, spot treatments, and I like to use it to mop with.

                              Thanks for opening a dialogue to allow others to share their experiences with it! Great idea!

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                                It really is awesome!

                                I have a friend that uses it to clean their boat bottom once a year. I did learn not to use it on painted plastic. My wheels were metal and it took off the huge amount of brake dust but the hub covers were plastic and the LA awesome stripped off the paint. The wheels still looked better lol

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