HELP! I need deodorising inspo!

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      My husbands working from home which means more; running, cycling & dog walking…which means even stinkier trainers, cycle shoes & wellies! None of which can go in the machine!

      Cupboards stink, my porch stinks..there’s no location safe from them!

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        Bicarbonate in shoes.
        Dry tea bags in the trainers will get rid of odours x

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          Also tackle his actual feet. Foot deodorising sprays, athletes foot stud ect ect
          Talc on his feet before he excersises xx

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            Bicarbonate soda works a treat. Shake it in and leave for as long as possible (24 hours to a week) then hoover out.

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              Bicarb inside then hoover it out. Also rubbing alcohol but I’m not sure I would wanna get my hands inside the shoe to rub it (damp cotton pad, rub all the inside parts then allow to evaporate).

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                I would fill little bags with bicarb and put into your trainers between runs.

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