How can I pay off $13,600 debt with a $1,800-$2,000 monthly income?

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      How do I pay off $13,600 worth of debt?! None of it are credit cards. I’m only 26 and make roughly $1,800-$2,000/month. I’ve been trying to get a second job/extra hours but ultimately have no money left over for gas to continue to work until the following week.

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        I’m going to be straight it’s reduce expenses and/or bring in more income. That’s what it all boils down to no matter what the strategy. $13,600 is not bad (I know it is when you have no money) I’d keep aiming for that second job or side hustle, work hard for a few months and you could have it all paid off. Remember little things matter.

        Good luck!

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          2K a month. Quit it. Get another job.

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            I am guessing I am missing something. If you are only paying $630/mo for rent, water, phone and keeping a reasonable food budget for 1 person ($250ish) plus gas and misc expenses, you should be able to put about $600-800/mo towards debt.

            Is that going towards a car payment or something that wasn’t mentioned?

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              You need to cut expenses or increase income. Write down every single monthly expense.

              What can you cut? Cable? Steaming service? Monthly manicure? Dinner out? Coffee at coffeehouse instead of at home? Are you renting? Can you move home for 6 months? If you can’t make more money look at what to cut. Can you take bus to work for a while?

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                Can you get a roommate? Move home? (no idea when your lease is up)
                Babysit, pet sit. clean houses etc. What is the debt?

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                  I would like to see a list of your expenses if you’re not too private about it. Because that would help to know what can be eliminated. Please don’t fall for any of the work from home or MLM scams your post has spawned.

                  I’m sorry that people are doing that.

                  Another topic: Should I pay off my vehicle quicker or trade it for a larger one now?

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                    If you belong to a bank, go in and talk to their financial advisor. They should be able to give you suggestions based on your current circumstances.

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                      I do surveys on opinion outpost and transfer it to my bank account. It’s not much, but it helps. Also, scan receipts with fetch.

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                        My niece walks dogs and uses the app that sets her up with jobs. She does very well and at her schedule.

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                          Meal prep. Eating out is expensive. If you take even a sandwich and chips and fruit, it will be healthier and cheaper than eating out five times for lunch.

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                            Hey…just wanted to say scrolling through your replies that you’re making some really impressive choices. I don’t know if anyone in your life has told you they’re proud of you, but you should definitely be proud of yourself.

                            My husband and I dug ourselves out of a mountain of debt. It took us years, BUT it was so worth it. It’s haaard sometimes to put off things you want and to shift your thinking and to learn how to manage money, but lemme tell you…we are sitting in a much, much better spot now. We’ve built really wide financial margins for ourselves and it feels wonderful. (We are early 40s but started getting out of debt when we were both 26 as well!) Our early choices to be aggressive about getting out of debt have translated into us having a ton of options to choose from now.

                            Just wanted to encourage you…what you’re doing is awesome and you’ll absolutely thank yourself in a few years.

                            Useful: Best option: taking out a personal loan to pay off credit card debt or selling my home to travel and clear debts before retirement?

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                              Babysitting can pay well. If you’re good with kids, you can find families with multiple kids that pay more. People look for date nights or weekends too. There’s an app I use as a sitter and people are always looking.

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                                You must really study your expenses and be willing to cut things to a bare bones minimum. Discipline yourself for the few months it takes to pay off the debt. Identify the behaviors that got you into the situation so it won’t happen again! Learn to live within your means.

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                                  Are you still in school?

                                  Or are you only working?

                                  If you’re only working look into field interviewing or doordash for a second income. It’s not much but you can make about $100. A night.

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                                    It is easier to increase income than to save or pay things extra with your current income. Sell things you no longer want or need, odd jobs or a second job.

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