Need advice, tips, words of wisdom on a mindset thing with credit card debt?

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      I know a lot goes into it but one specific hurdle is this: Not taking my last $100 after budgeting (zero base) and paying a credit card down some more because I’ll feel “deprived” for 2 weeks, but taking that $100 and spending it over a pay period on trinkets here and there is fine. Make it make sense. I guess I feel like this because I can’t do both. It’s either pay minimums ($406) and have some kind of fun money, or pay them and start snowballing, but having no free money.

      My bills are $20 less than my net monthly full time income, considering the minimums. My second job is really for just in case and to be able to take care of variables. Second job is $490-700 monthly depending on how much extra I clean, but I always use $490 for budget.

      And I say money meaning after bills. ALL bills. I do the zero base method for biweekly full time pay, once monthly second job pay. I normally do 3-5 checks out to have a basis to adjust if needed. I don’t disregard my bills. I can have groceries at home, drinks, at home coffee stuff, etc not need a dang thing. But will go to just look around and here we are. Go wash the car, get a coffee, look at Ross, you get it. Instead of washing the car and going back home. Get a BEC biscuit out when I have the stuff.

      I don’t have a lot of momentum even with the second job, but I’m tired of the credit cards being the ONE thing on my shoulders debt wise. I tell myself I work hard at 2 jobs, I pay the minimums and all my own bills, have grace, but I ultimately feel guilty. I do have some savings. Employee savings payroll deduction, 401k, credit union for external transfers, piggybank for cash, savings at my employer, which is a bank, and my rent payments are treated as a kitty by landlord. Very blessed that way.

      I’m not an innocent swiper but a lot of it is they got ran up, pay them down, have a few checks where more bills were due than physical money, so I’d pay the card, then have to get gas. A lot of my purchasers aren’t necessarily the above mentioned things I do; I try to find free ways to get those things through my job and receipt.

      I know this was long, I just literally can’t pep myself up to do it. I thought some outside thoughts would help.

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        I second allocating some of that $100 for yourself. I would start off small at $20 and send the other $80 to the cards. Get those cards paid down and free up some money to be able to give yourself a bit more free money (still within reason though.) Like say you pay off a card with a $50 minimum. Bump up your free money to $30 and snowball the other $40 into your debt. Rinse and repeat until you’ve found yourself at a good level

        We didn’t have budgeted fun money when we were in the heavy part of our debt pay off and getting rid of our credit cards and car payment but once those were all paid off, I started budgeting in fun money.

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          You’re right — you have two jobs and you work hard! Do you have “fun money” built into your budget?

          We found that even $20 to spend on whatever we wanted helped alleviate SO much of that spending guilt. Over the summer we increased it and we’ve actually put more in savings and towards debt! Just make sure it’s only the amount you’ve set — I got pre-paid debit cards from my bank for me and my husband. I reload them every pay period with whatever we’ve budgeted.

          And whatever isn’t used one pay period just rolls into the next.

          Maybe something like that would help?

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            I understand your struggle. My best advise is short-term sacrifices pay off big time in the long run and will free up more money for doing the things you want or like.

            Reducing your debt as early as possible will liberate you so much.

            Maybe switch from a splurge once per week to one per month so you can find balance.

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              You need to have something for fun, or else you’ll feel deprived. Everything in moderation!

              You could also do a reward system for yourself, do a no spend challenge and reward yourself with a treat?

              I did Noom for weight loss and they were all about this, if you starve yourself for too long, you’re definitely going to binge! Small treats and rewards helps it be sustainable.

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