When to sell stock up 100%?

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      So, I’m currently making 100% on one of my stocks. Do you typically sell when it’s that high? I believe in it long term but I’ve never been through this before. One is 100%, and one is 78%

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        Depends on the stock. AMC I got in, made $ got out as that wasn’t going to be sustainable. I’ve been getting great ROR on my stock in condoms so I am keeping that, even if it was an awkward Mom moment when I told my son I have been killing it with my condoms.

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          I still have shares of MSFT from 2013. Good thing I didn’t sell once they reached 100% profit…

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            I’ve held on to NVDA for over 20 years with five stock splits along the way. What a ride!! However, having similar thoughts now as just don’t want to pay all those capital gains taxes, but know I should probably go ahead and lock in a huge amount of the profit as I’m getting close to retirement.

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              No.. if we would go by percentages we will be selling all our stocks eventually lol.. I have stocks that are +100 +200 and I have one that over +300% I’m a long term investor. The only reason I would sell a stock is: 1: they cut their dividend 2: I identify better opportunities on other companies and don’t have the cash and 3- I have an emergency.

              Suggested: I have NVIDIA stocks which I bought for $55. 500+. Should I hold or let it grow?

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                Good portfolio management says to sell half at 100%. That way you have made back your initial costs and the half position you still have will be all profit so to speak.

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                  A strategy I sometimes employ is to sell enough shares to cover my initial investment, then let the rest ride if you still believe in the company.

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                    Depends on how quickly the 100% gain came about. If it was a quick run up within a month or two, then it’s likely to correct or consolidate. If these came about over year or so, then keep it if the company is delivering and expected to deliver strong earnings.

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                      I wouldn’t necessarily sell it if it is a good one to keep. Some of my best performing stocks are over 600% since when I bought them years ago. I have regretted selling others at a high only to see them keep getting higher and higher after.

                      Now I just buy and hold.

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