What should I do if my car’s gas gauge fluctuates drastically?

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      Advice needed please | What would you do IF: randomly your car pump or gas starts acting up?

      First I went up parked and then my gas was like higher,.. as if I had filled it.


      I parked down the hill and the gas suddenly lowered from like having a full tank to almost a third in a matter of minutes.

      I don’t have alot of money to waste and don’t want a million mechanics to take advantage of me.

      GAS is expensive and can’t be “wasting it either &…

      Anyone had a similar issue?

      I did also get this car recently like about 5 months ago and worried that *dealership will cost an arm and leg.

      Barely have money to keep up with expenses now…

      What would you all do?

      Would you kinda wait or?

      Thanks for the input!! I’m trying to resolve this in a cautious but frugal way.

      Single momma here…

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        I’ve had cars that the gas gauge was not always accurate. My advice would be to start tracking how many miles you get to a full tank of gas.

        Like try to fill it up and then run it down to when your confident you are soon out of gas, depending on the type of car it should be any where between 310-400 miles per tank. That way you know if you have 200 miles on this tank, you have about a half tank.

        Don’t fret too much over a not accurate gas tank unless it starts mysteriously disappearing or it’s not consistent with mileage, then you may have a leak like your gas tank could be cracked or your car is eating up fuel for some reason.

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          You mention parking on hills. Your gas is liquid and will shift inside the tank depending on the angle of your car. The sensor will the change how much it senses in the tank because not all of the gas could be covering the sensor based on the angle of your car.

          Try parking consistently on flat surfaces and see if the tank level stays the same.

          If not, bring it in.

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            I’m married to a mechanic, so he comes in handy. I do know that it takes a piece of carbon the size of a pencil point to cause drivability issues. What’s happening is kinda vague if it was a fuel pump it wouldn’t start but sometimes it can make the gauge do random things before it quits. Do you have an in-line fuel filter? Is it in tank?

            Is it hesitating or bucking could be another issue.

            I had a cavalier year ago that used to buck because they are known for injector issues.

            I’ve owned the same car since 2005 and in a stickler for maintenance so luckily, I haven’t had many issues.

            If I were you I’d get it professionally diagnosed and ask about maintenance cycles and plan ahead.

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