Why VTSAX versus VTI versus any fidelity analog? Not sure where to focus or does it matter?

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      Hello everyone, I’m seeking advice on investment options and would appreciate your insights. Specifically, I’m curious about the differences between VTSAX, VTI, and their Fidelity counterparts.

      As an investor, I’m unsure where to focus my attention and which option would be the most beneficial for my portfolio. Is there a significant advantage to choosing VTSAX over VTI, or vice versa? Additionally, how do these compare to similar offerings from Fidelity?

      If you have experience or knowledge about these investment options, I would greatly appreciate your input. Any insights into the pros and cons of each fund, as well as considerations for long-term growth and diversification, would be incredibly helpful.

      Thank you in advance for sharing your expertise and advice!

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        I would take the fidelity or other analog even at a small increase in fees.

        VTSAX (and by extension VTI) is one of the funds that owns vanguard. This means you are exposed to vanguard operating risk. This was ok when it was a lot cheaper than the competition but not any more.

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          Doesn’t matter. VTSAX was the original and also the one talked about in simple path to wealth. All are fine though.

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            VTI, VTSAX, FSKAX, FZROX. doesn’t matter. If ur with fidelity. But fidelity. If hr w vanguard buy vanguard.

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              BTW, Vanguard has a patented method of dealing with taxes on their funds vs ETFs. They are both handled exactly the same so it doesn’t matter if you go with an index fund or an ETF with Vanguard.

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                Most brokerages have a total stock market index fund. VTSAX is the one for Vanguard. If you’re at Fidelity get their version of it.

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                  “VTSAX-like” is the goal. VTI or VOO are ETFs that can be purchased anywhere cost-effectively, including Fidelity, which is what I do.

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                    It does not matter. I would not over think these small decisions too much. I recommend you just invest and not check too often.

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