How does everyone handle gift giving events? Everyone we know already has more than they need

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      Looking for advice on how to navigate gift-giving events when everyone we know already seems to have everything they need. We often find ourselves stuck when it comes to finding meaningful gifts that won’t end up collecting dust.

      How does everyone else handle these situations? Do you have any creative ideas for thoughtful gifts that won’t add clutter or go unused?

      Share your tips and experiences – we’d love to hear from you!

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        Consumables. Something to eat or drink. I would say gift soap or other gift sets, but that stuff just sits around forever.

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          I give toilet paper and socks. You can never have too much of either.

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            Plants! I have spider plants that just keep giving & giving. They’re super easy to propagate and maintain!


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              Take them to lunch or breakfast and have a nice visit.

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                I quit giving birthday and wedding/shower gifts. I used to until I realized I did not get thank yous. The last straw was a wedding gift, no thank you. Months later I saw them at a gathering and asked if they liked it as I hadn’t heard if they got it. The respinse- “oh, yea, we got it, thank you”. Just so irrited me.

                I realized I was just getting invited for gifts. Now, since folks know I don’t give gift, (child’s birthdays or weddings) I don’t get invited. Oh well.

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                  I give a gift card to a restaurant or theater.

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                  Jo Wa

                    I just told my family we couldn’t do Christmas gifts any more for the adults. We do Christmas for our grandkids, and we celebrate the adult’s birthdays. That way we get a nice gathering focusing on each of us, and we buy what we can afford. One year I made zucchini bread for their birthdays.

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                      I like to give friends and family things that make them laugh, usually inappropriately. I consider their interests (books, movies, sports, etc) and find something small but funny related to that. Example, a bookmark with a funny saying or a book with an inappropriate title or cover. A good laugh is priceless.

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                        Depends who they are to you, but I would love to be gifted fresh bread. Every kid I know loves homemade cookies. From my adult son I like getting printed pictures, and if he didn’t love so far away I’d love his time. I’d love if someone gifted me their time- rides, minor handy jobs around my house that I never get to like hanging pictures.

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                          If it’s a wedding or a baby coming I give a gift card to the photographer of choice. If it’s a child I get a gift card for a movie and popcorn and if it’s a matinee ticket usually I get an extra for a friend to go too. Arts and crafts gifts are good and in summer things like sidewalk chalk are great.

                          I know this is a stretch, but if you know a farmer some kids love to meet the goats or feed chickens. I had a friend that owned goats and sheep and I would take my niece to visit and bring a pizza. She got to pet and feed and we all had lunch.

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                            It depends. I do cash or gift cards when appropriate. I really don’t see it as impersonal. ESPECIALLY if someone has everything they need and want already. Personally, I’ve always been excited for any cash or gift cards I got. It’s better than just having to donate received gifts that you couldn’t use and end up with nothing at all.

                            I have wanted to gift experiences in recent years, but often those are more expensive in my experience.

                            I personally love to thrift for myself, but haven’t gotten to the point where I feel ok giving thrifted gifts. I’m always afraid there will be something wrong with the item that I didn’t notice.

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                              1. I show up to invites which means I care;
                              2. I bring cut flowers to give (no card they’re way too expensive these days).

                              My friends have finally (mostly) accepted my frugality. When it’s my birthday I’m firm about no gifts or cards. Please just show up.

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                                Some gifts I have received as a hostess: candle, handmade soap, stained glass window piece, chocolates, flowers, napkins with a funny saying and sparkling water. Consumables are best.

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                                  I’ve started making baskets with peoples favorite snacks and drinks. You can always add wine glasses or self care items.

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                                    We announced a year before we would only be making treats for Xmas presents for adults, as it was just getting crazy!

                                    Children still get a small gift. We have made mini loaves of pumpkin and zucchini bread, fudge, and peanut brittle, but a the hands-down favorite was homemade jams we made from blackberry and U-pick fruit, and less than perfect homegrown apples and pears— apple butter was super popular (store bought is never as good!), as was the very difficult lemon curd!!

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                                      My friends and I engage in free or low cost events. (Coffee dates. Walks, free events etc). We are at the age where we do not need more stuff. At its okay to go to the events and not participate in the gift exchange. Be honest with those in attendance.

                                      You may just find everyone is in the same position, they were afraid to say anything.

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                                        My sister has 5 grandkids so for Christmas, I would do one large bag. All year long I would shop any clearance items, inexpensive items, yard sales(new packaged items only), etc. 40 – 50 items total all $1 or less. Example crayons, coloring books, nail polish, etc. Wrap each separately. Place in one bag. On Christmas dump the bag on the floor and watch the kaos!! Now one of the benefits is they learn to trade items for what they want.

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                                          Pick a signature consumable gift you buy everyone. Preferably something that goes on sale and you can stock up. Grow flowers and potted plants specifically to give as gifts.

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