Side Hustle ideas? I live in Canada if it matters

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      Hi everyone! I’m looking for side hustle ideas and would love to hear your suggestions. I’m based in Canada, so if you have any ideas that work particularly well in this region, I’d appreciate it. Whether it’s freelance work, online gigs, or creative entrepreneurial ventures, I’m open to exploring different options.

      Can anyone share their experiences with successful side hustles or recommend any opportunities that are worth pursuing? I’m excited to hear your ideas and insights.

      Thanks in advance for your help!

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        I live in Canada. Good luck! Whatever you do Trudeau will tax you to the point that you may as well stay in bed. I have worked since I was 17 and I have never ever been taxed as much as we are being taxed now. Trudeau keeps coming up with new taxes.

        Almost scared to breathe because we might be taxed on every breath.

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          Well, I’m in Texas, but my side hustle several years ago was working weekends in laundry at a local hotel. I took this up for about 3 months to pay for our oldest sons college ring from Texas Tech University. It completely KICKED my rear, but I wouldn’t change any of it.

          I met my goal and our boy got his ring–It’s a beautiful ring.

          Best of luck!

          Also, check out: What you do for side hustles or income?

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            Cleaning! Such good money, keeps you moving, doesn’t require brain power.

            I started in November of 2022 just on my own. Made a little Canva advertisement and posted it to my Facebook once. Then a local construction company reached out to me to clean their new builds when they are done. Then from there I got bi-weekly clients that wanted to keep me as their cleaner. Then word of mouth.

            I make $300 extra a month right now doing 4 cleans a month, 2 clients. In the summer I clean airbnbs and make $600-$700 a month extra.

            No training required, no licenses, just a legit side gig. It’s been great money to stash away.

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              Family respite for the people with developmental disabilities!

              They are grateful, and enjoy just being with you. I teach them sewing, cooking ,etc in my home.

              One girl just got her ham radio license.

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                Before and after school child care.

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                  Pet sitting, house sitting /plant watering for people while they’re on vacation.

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                    Light housekeeping, errand running for elderly folks.

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                      I’m in Ottawa and the demand for housekeepers are so high!

                      I’m sure you could find clients on your own or join an established business but either way, you can work flexible hours.

                      Give these a glance: Any suggestions on side hustle ideas I can invest in that can generate a small passive income that I can scale?

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                        Could do Skip the dishes if you drive and it’s available in your are, you can set your hours so that you work when you want too.

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