How can we save money when buying an over-budget house?

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      Hello, we will be buying a house soon that is over our budget (because housing market is high- for us- and we can’t afford rent; this is the best we can do in our current situation).

      So, in an effort to save money every way I can, I am trying to think of as many things that we can reuse and save, as much possible. This is what I have come up with so far…..

      • Cloth Sanitary napkins
      • Cloth dinner napkins
      • Cloth rags for cleaning
      • Toilet tank sink
      • Washlet (to reduce TP)
      • Laundry Line to dry clothes
      • Space heaters during winter

      I already cook meals at home, buy what I need as much as possible at thrift shops, don’t color my hair, pack a lunch for my husband everyday, and I will be searching for a job after we get settled and my daughter graduates (next summer).

      Do you have any suggestions, tips, etc?

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        Space heaters are extremely expensive to run.

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          Not trying to be rude but I don’t understand. You cant afford rent but you can afford a mortgage?

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            I bought period panties for “ the maybe I’ll start days”and the very end reducing the number I use per month . Started using a period cup

            I went back to powder dish detergent and clothes detergent I found 2 tbs of Ariel powder my clothes smell good. I will mention I have top loader with agitator.

            I bought clothesline for outside and drying rack for indoors

            I bought cheaper garbage bags with flaps I like em.

            I put all my bottles of products that were low in shower took everything else out forced myself to use them up then when I thought there was no more, I have little containers with lids I cut them open scraped more product off with spatula got 3-4 uses out of leftover product in tubes.

            Then I switched to bar soap. I bought smaller shower poof ( in travel section) instead of big one takes less product to get good lather.

            I had pump conditioner I didn’t like , I add all the travel conditioner to it and shave my underarms with that.

            I bought bigger bags of dog food. ( I use the dog food bag for a garbage bag anything that I get that I can put garbage in and save a bag I will, that was going in garbage anyways)

            Switched to straight talk

            I found out I could pause Hulu for 3 months, so I paused it were watching Netflix only right now and I’ll alternate between the 2 not paying both per month.

            I got different quotes on car home insurance ( I check every year usually I have the cheapest this year finally someone was cheaper) gabby app I believe is what I used to compare.

            I don’t buy the Keurig pods I bought the reusable pods

            I bought some half gallon mason jars they been great making my food last longer. Especially produce.

            I do fetch and Ibotta.

            My internet is on a promo rate when it’s up if I can’t get close to what we pay we will cut it off for awhile when we come back then they more likely. ( when we don’t have internet red box is great and give you free and discount codes a lot) and my library has huge box sets and movie selections. Hint…. Check how much you might be renting your modem for my modem was costing me $14 a month to rent I could buy their modem $200 paying the rental fee it would’ve cost $168 for one year.

            We allow ourselves to go out to eat one time a month. ( now limiting that because of no spend)

            We just do stockings at Christmas. I have budget I can shop early but be cautious doing this because what happens u think oh I didn’t spend that much on them I can get them more or u collect stuff all year then when you pull it all out it’s way too much stuff.

            I make my own cleaners:


            • 1/4 cup dawn
            • 1/4 cup vinegar ( I heat vinegar in microwave)


            • 1/4 cup vinegar ( heat vinegar)
            • 1/4 cup hot water
            • 1-2 drop essentials oil

            I use the delay option on my dishwasher I run in middle of night. Check if you have peak power hours

            My heat 66 my air during day 78 but when I go to bed I have my own unit for my bedroom it goes down to 68-69 I can’t sleep hot.

            When I want new car I go get it cleaned inside and out ( got to go somewhere good) it’s $55 here and get my oil changed $47. Then I like my car again.

            I bought a bidet and took a towel and cut into a bunch of squares to dry with. ( before anybody says yuck not the back only front. I figure my crotch in my underwear all day and I throw it in the wash machine so it’s ok)

            I bought 12 pack of white ( bleachable) bar towels got rid of paper towels I only keep one roll for really nasty stuff. Like dog, but the one roll last FOREVER now.

            I also do Airbnb with my xtra bedroom made $700 last month and this month. I get a lot of medical students doing their rotations.

            I bought some of those mesh washing bags and I put my loose produce in them and hang them on the buggy with those climbing clips so I don’t bruise my fruit and less plastic use

            I’ve also Really gotten into buying store band if I find it comparable then I’ll continue to buy it I at least TRY it. Some things I won’t budge on, but a whole lot I will.

            I try to buy substantial items that I won’t have to replace for a long time examples no plastic containers. I bought couple Pyrex sets it’s all I use between the Pyrex and the mason jars I’ve almost eliminated plastic bag use. Cast iron skillets and pots that don’t have Teflon that’s gonna eventually scratch or chip. I do save sour cream containers, cool whip containers because I use those camping, beach, picnics, sending leftovers home with somebody. Where glass isn’t a good idea.

            We wanted to travel and to save cost on that we’ve started camping and we do a lot of Airbnb. It’s really fun.

            During summer I grill more often, use crockpot. During winter and summer I try to use my air frier before I use my stove. So I’m not heating up my house. Hint you can wrap sweet potatoes and regular potatoes in foil and put in crockpot and cook them that way since they take long time in oven.

            To reduce my disposable razor usage, I bought electric razor.

            Read on: How long should I save for a home if not going to purchase in 3-5 years?

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              Think about a part time job. Do some childcare from your home. Clean houses. Detail cars. That’s a big demand. Cut other people’s grass. Sit with the elderly.

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                Daughter graduates from high school? If so you can go back to work full time now. She is old enough for sure.

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                  Do NOT buy a house over your budget. Financially you will risk losing it. Lots of things happen in life. DO NOT DO THIS. Learn house auctions. Get with a realtor, tell them you will be buying a house, and you want a distress sale. Bread winner dies, lady wants to move to be near her grandkids. See a vacant house.

                  Go search the tax records. Call the owner. Why is the house vacant. That is EXACTLY how I got my home.

                  Just do NOT get into a horrible financial situation with a house over budget. DO NOT DO IT>

                  Useful: We are debating updating our current house vs selling & buying a new place with those updates + more space

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                    Plant a vegetable garden if you can at your new house.

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                      Things that help the budget are make at least a 2 week menu plan, things that you know you already enjoy and rotate every 2 weeks so you don’t get bored with the same things this helps tremendously. If you haven’t bought a deep freezer this is definitely something to think about even if it’s just a small chest freezer that way you can buy meats when they are on sale also when you cook double batch and freeze..

                      I just shopped from my freezer tonight took out a container of vegetable soup, a container of chili, frozen fruit I sliced and froze, sliced ham I bought on sale when hams were 69 cents a pound (I bought a whole ham, sliced it and froze in containers). I bulk buy a lot at Sam’s Club (memberships are super cheap right now) for a new membership. I buy bulk mixed berries, put in single serve containers and freeze..

                      I compare per unit pricing between stores and Sam’s and often it is cheaper at Sam’s. Line drying clothes is a huge savings for me in the spring/summer/fall because I use my central AC so it off sets the price a little bit. Just remember Every Little Bit Helps.

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                        $30 installed bidet (Amazon), or is that the same as a washlet? Some people use reusable/washable “family cloths” for just #1 use…

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                          Rather than space heaters get everyone an electric blanket. Don’t have to heat the room while you’re all cozy in bed.

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                            Not what you asked … but honestly, if any home near you is out of your budget you need to plan to buy a place that you can take in renters, something like a finished basement or extra rooms you won’t need.

                            Cutting costs is a “nice to have” but a guaranteed source of income if you need it, is a better strategy.

                            It has been such a lifesaver for me.

                            I only wish I had gotten a home with a separate bathroom for my renters so I could charge more!

                            Proposed: Should I proceed with buying a home if the appraisal is lower than the purchase price, requiring additional funds at closing?

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                              I feel you. We are doing the exact same thing and are already living about as frugally as we can stand. It’s hard right now…

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                                You’re talking about small things. You are talking pennies when you need to be focused on dollars.

                                What’s more important right now is the big things. Do not buy a house out of your budget, because your taxes WILL go up in a year and shock you. You NEED cushion in your finances when you buy a house. For the inevitable increase in property taxes (which tends to be a LOT nowadays, talk to your realtor – NO ONE TALKS ABOUT THIS) and home expenses (ALWAYS more than you bargain for).

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                                  Get rid of your cable. Go to an over the air antenna for tv. Assess your phone bill.. if you already own your phones, and are not under a contract, shop your carrier.

                                  My carrier is $10 per month for unlimited talk and text per line.

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                                    Just understand there are so many other costs associated with home ownership, you really should have a 6 month emergency fund. Roofs are 20,000 new HVAC is 20,000. Water heaters, appliances, even if renting is expensive, it will save you in the long run

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                                      One thing to think about, if you buy a house over your budget now, you will struggle terribly when your property taxes and homeowners insurance increases.

                                      These have caused my mortgage payment to increase by almost 50% in the last 5 years.

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                                        Your local Buy Nothing group can be a great source for all kinds of useful items from your neighbors

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                                          First, keep looking for a house that is in your budget. Housing is your largest expense and saving some money on paper goods is nothing compared to having a more manageable mortgage.

                                          I don’t know where you are, but here in TX property prices have been insane the last few years but they are falling (partially because of higher interest rates but also lower demand).

                                          They may start falling where you are, too. Don’t get stuck with a monthly payment that’s over your head.

                                          Get a smaller, less expensive house if at all possible.

                                          Try to find a well insulated house so you can save on utility bills.

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