How much do you personally contribute to your HSA monthly?

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      Do you personally use the money in your HSA or just use it as an investment vehicle.

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        $75/pay plus employer contribution is $1575/year. I used it last year for medical expenses (before I knew better), so I’m planning on using it as an investment tool from here out.

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          We max it out at the start of each year. Then we just keep the receipts files away and let it grow.

          We aren’t big in accounts that can’t be accessed till 65 though so we do a little bit of finagling to try and make sure there’s not way more money going in there and growing in there than we will actually be able to use.

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            A little over $211 per paycheck, my employer contributes $2K a year for a total of $7500. Been maxing out my HSA for a long time now. I use it as both an investment and medical expenses.

            I’m not keeping all my receipts and paying myself back in 40 years like a lot of people are doing.

            I don’t even know where my receipts are the next day, no way I can keep track of it decades down the road.

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              Neither my work nor my husband’s offers an HSA. How do I go about getting one on my own? And how do you use it as investment? Can someone explain it to me like I’m 5?

              With the ones we had at my former job, it was use it or lose it.

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                Whatever the max is divided by 12 is what I put in. I use it as an investment vehicle. The HSA is the only triple tax advantaged account available. It’s not taxed when it’s goes in, when it comes out, and the gains aren’t taxed.

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                  Investment vehicle until this year and I had my first hospital stay. Covid, DKA, Pneumonia.

                  But then turned around and used visa gift cards,5% return, to pay for it and used the float to gain 45-60 days interest at 4%

                  Save all receipts, T1 diabetic.

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