How to calculate the best price for toilet paper and paper towels?

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      What’s your math for saving money on toilet paper and paper towels? It’s so difficult to compare given thicknesses, size of rolls, etc. I’ve been just buying at Costco, but saw a deal at the grocery and did the math and I’m still not certain that it was a better deal because the rolls were thinner. I’m thinking I need to calculate cost by weight, but guess what?! I can’t find weight anywhere on the package.

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        Usually, price is calculated by square ft for products like paper towels and toilet paper.

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          I use reusable towels for most things. Just keep one roll of paper towels for when the cat barfs.

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            They purposely make toilet paper math impossible so we can’t compare shop.

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              Most Costco price tags, note the cost per individual items. For example, it tells you the package price & then in smaller print, under it, they tell you the price per square of TP. It makes it easy to compare one to another.

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                I did the math and Amazon brand has the best bargain. Also, invest in a bidet!!

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                  My saver is an add in Bidet for $30. We use half the toilet paper which I buy in bulk from sams

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                    I buy the package and keep the receipt then when I finish the product I take the number of days it took to use the product into the cost of the product to find my daily usage cost.

                    That has to be an economical number and my satisfaction with the usage of the product is the second factor before I will continue purchasing it again.

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                      I read thru most if these answers just to realize most people are as lost as I am at figuring it out. I pick a brand I like and just try to get best buy on that brand. Actually, I am mot particular but my spouse is picky. I also would like to get a bidet but convincing an old spouse is not easy.

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                        I buy in bulk at SAMS.

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                          I only use paper towels for guests and really bad messes. I use dish towels or hand towels otherwise.

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                            All I know is this thread caused a serious discussion with me and my husband.

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                              I try to find it for .01 per sq foot (so a roll with 396 sq ft would be $3.96, for instance). This takes into account single vs double ply. I’m sometimes shocked at how the large packages are a horrible deal when you figure this out – seems like you’re getting a lot, but not really.

                              Costco seems to be the best consistent deal (probably Sam’s as well, but we don’t have a membership there). Of course, this doesn’t account for softness/thickness, just sq ft.

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                                I buy them when Dollar General has a sale AND a coupon and I can use it as part of my $5 off $25 Saturday deal. I don’t stay brand specific but I also don’t buy 1-ply.

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                                  I did a very unscientific experiment where I counted how many days a roll of thicker TP lasted compared to the thinner TP. I thought it would come out about even because you use more of the thinner stuff, but the thinner rolls consistently lasted a couple days longer than the thick rolls, so I just get the 1000 sheet great value TP.

                                  I mainly use paper towels for gross stuff like body fluids etc. and use rags for everything else.

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                                    We’re a little wasteful in this area. My husband will only use the viva cloth paper towels. I try to save by making sure we always have clean dish towels out to reduce the paper waste. We just buy whatever toilet paper is on sale/has coupons (no ultra because it clogs toilets).

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                                      We don’t use paper towel too often so a bulk purchase last a long time. Maybe start by assessing how you use. For instance if you use to cover food in the microwave, buy a reusable food cover. If use as napkins, buy cotton napkins.

                                      For tp, don’t buy cheap thin toilet paper. You will end up using a lot more for each use.

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