I have a funny story about teaching your kids to be frugal

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      For Mother’s Day my husband gave my 19 year old the debit card to get a mother’s day present. He is in college and works but my husband knew how tight my son’s income is.

      On mother’s day my son hands me a tiny bouquet of flowers and says mom aren’t you happy I got these for. $4.98 at Walmart. Actually I was happy hopefully I have taught him the value of money. His wife to be may not be so happy.

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        He simply needs to find a woman with similar values.

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          I don’t get the appeal of cut flowers. It’s like 80 dollars and you watch it slowly die. It would be different if it was 80 dollars worth of bacon shaped like roses and i can eat it.

          80 dollars is a trip to the fancy AYCE sushi and hotpot place plus enough left over for matcha cake AND a drink. Just saying.

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            Brilliant. My sons always do a job needing to be done around the house. They also spend a day pampering their partners instead of spending lots of money.

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              My daughter is 26. She learned to deal with 2nd hand items growing up. Then she turned the tables on me…she found a 2nd hand London Fog trenchcoat for $5 at one of the thrift stores I used to go to (I moved in with my mother at the time to help her out). The student has surpassed the mistress…

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                For Father’s Day, my daughter bought and smoked a brisket for my husband. This meant so much to him. I love that they learn from us that it’s not about the money!

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                  You taught him right! When my kids (22 & 19) buy something, the first thing they say is, “These were on sale!”

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                    The right wife will be happy; my DIL loves that my son is mindful of how he spends their money and saves for the future (his first wife spent all as soon as it came in but in all fairness they were incredibly young when they got together – I’m not implying finances contributed to the divorce choice but it certainly caused a lot of heartache).

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                      Bravo Mom!!! It is much easier to spend the “flowers” of frugality than to dig the dirt and muck to climb out of overwhelming debt.

                      My sister has raised two amazing young men who are also frugal (not cheap). Both saw their Mom work her bootie off as a single Mom with dead-beat ex who never paid the support due. Both boys are new college grads in the age of Covid. With my sister newly divorced again in Dec 2020 (#2 was a Narcissist a@@), my sis & her boys are splitting the $$ of a 3 bdrm house rental. Might not be for everyone but working out great for them. Arrangement is allowing all 3 the financial and moral support to start the next chapter in their lives.

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